June 08, 2011

NOTD: Shatter FAIL!

Hey everyone!  Just posting a quick picture of my nails today.  I used three coats of Planks A Lot, one coat of Sinful Colors Green Ocean and Blue Shatter by OPI.  Obviously, my nails weren't dry yet so the shatter didn't work worth a poo, but it's pretty so I'm leaving it for today :)

Not sure if you can see or not, but you can almost make out the flakies underneath the blue.  It is kind of pretty even though I didn't have enough patience to wait until it was dry!  Thanks for looking! 


  1. Now that it's summer I sit in front of the air conditioning or a fan to dry my nails quicker so I can shatter them!

  2. @Lacquered Lover
    I have central air so that doesn't work! LOL

  3. Ah I'm jealous! I had to buy air conditioners this year for the first time! How about waving your hands back and forth repeatedly to dry them faster? :) Or even get one of those small mini fans that you can just hold? Always the most annoying part for me about crackels and shatters is waiting for them to dry!

  4. That is pretty! I still need to try those shatter/crackle polishes. :D

  5. @Cerina

    I didn't think I'd be as into the crackles as I turned out to be. Be careful... You'll get addicted! :)


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