June 19, 2011

Sunday Haul-- Birchbox

Hey everyone!  I think I've decided what I'm going to do for Sundays.  They're going to be my "haul" days.  I barely go a week without buying at least one beauty related thing, so I'll at least have a TINY bit of something to put up on my "day off."

This week I FINALLY got my first Birchbox!  I didn't get it until Wednesday, so I am definitely not happy with how they ship.  I know that it takes time to get things across the country, but I live in Iowa.  I'm not two weeks away from NJ.  Also, since this is my first one, it seems I'm one of the few that got completely screwed.  I didn't get the blush!  I only know of one other person (so far) that didn't get it.  Ouch.  Oh well. I'm going to give it another couple of months (I'll pay for next month, then use my points for the third... then I'll decide!) to see if things change.  PLUS I heard that Fortune Cookie Soaps is going to be put in a box soon so I want to be around for that!  How exciting!  Ok, I'll move on to what I got and give my first impressions.  I've been complaining enough! (I wish it would end here...)

The obligatory description card shot. Everything I got in a list.

Obligatory box shot lol 

Nuxe Paris R eve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Body Cream
Full size 150 mL = $35
Sample 15 mL = $3.50
Really?  Wow. haha
I hate this.  It smells HORRIBLE and didn't live up to it's "non-greasy" claims at all.  After it wears off it doesn't feel like I had anything on at all.  I expected to at least feel a little more moisturized!

Pureology Colour Stylist Zero Dulling Hairspray
Full Size 11 oz = $24
Sample Size 2.1 oz = $4.58
I don't use hairspray a lot so I haven't tested this yet.  First thoughts though (sprayed on my skin) is that it smells amazing (!), like spiced vanilla, and it's not sticky.  I'll have to do a better review later, I really like this so far though!

Tatcha Aburatorigami Blotting Papers
Full Size 30 sheets = $12
Sample size 3 sheets - $1.20
I don't know what to think about these.  I'll probably never use them, and I haven't been able to really do a first impression because I'm not greasy, nor is it hot outside to make me greasy.  I will let you all know though, if I use them, what I think.  They're going in my purse now, so maybe at a ball game or something?

Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss - Glisten
Full size 0.21 FL oz = $20
Sample Size 0.06 oz = $5.71
This sample shows how ridiculous prices are. $5 for that!? It will last me a day!  The color is very pretty, there is no scent or taste (that I can pick up, but I've smelled all this so I could be wrong), so that's good.  I would wear this color on a regular basis.  It doesn't last long, though.  I put it on and about 15 min - 30 min later my lips are totally dry.  There is a minimal coating of something left, but it's time to reapply.

Herbal Essentails Orange Towlettes
Full Size 20 Towlettes = $20
Sample Size 2 Towlettes = $2.00
Again, I wouldn't pay that much for 20 uses.  I can get germ-x that smells pretty good for around $2, and it lasts forever.  I use things like this multiple times a day (when I'm out of the house).  Habits that you learn in the lab are hard to break!  I also feel like these are bigger than they need to be, and I feel like I'm wasting usages.  I can also tell you (working in a lab for years) that the ingredients are no where near expensive enough to justify this cost, so I wonder where the inflation is coming from?  At least they smell pretty!

Kate Spade Twirl
Full Size 1.7 FL oz = $65
3.4 FL oz = $80
Sample Size .05 FL oz = $1.91
THIS I like.  I have to wear it around some to know if it will work for me or not.  Like I'll ever buy it.  I'm such a scent junkie that I have to buy the imitation stuff or I would be millions of dollars in debt!  I agree with someone who said it smells like an Escada scent.  Those are amazing.  I love them all.  I love this.

So, not all the things about this box were bad, in fact, I'll get some use out of it and I deff got my $10 worth.  You can understand how I was disappointed about the blush though.  Bummer.  

Next "haul" item!  
I got this in the mail with my birchbox.  I was starting to wonder when it was going to show up!  It's my free Hello Kitty stamping plate from Born Pretty Store!  

I have been waiting for this like my life depends on it!  It's so cute!  It took a little over three weeks to get here, which isn't bad considering where it's coming from!  If you couldn't tell, I am SO excited to do a mani with this!  Expect one this week :) 

Revlon Sublime Strawberry

Wet N Wild Megalast Blackmail (x2)
This color is SO pretty!  I couldn't get a picture to show even a fraction of it's awesomeness!  It a soft black with multi color micro-glitter, but it mainly shows up orangeish/pinkish.  I don't know how to describe it.  So awesome!

I tried to capture some of the glitteryness.  Didn't work I don't think.

Revlon Just Tinted Victorian
I originally wasn't going to buy any of these and had heard horrible things about them but I finally saw a single blog singing it's praises, so I'll give it a shot!

Wet N Wild Megalast Tropicalia

NYC Long Wearing Starry Silver Glitter (x2)
I have been going back and forth on this one for a long time.  I almost grabbed the more expensive version (Sally Hansen), but broke down and got this one.

Wet N Wild Speed Gloss Frenzied (x2)
This was so pretty I couldn't stand it!  Can you see that green shimmer in there?  It reminds me of my favorite eye pigment HIP Intrepid. :)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Chartreuse Chase
I only got it because of the awesome shimmer in it.  *swoon*

Wet n Wild Megalast Club Havana
I was at Target, just hanging out at KMart when I saw the WnW Blackmail and had to have it.  At the same time I also bought the NYC glitters, and got a huge surprise when the lady told me the total.  The WnW polishes (the gloss too!) were BOGO Free and the NYC polish was BOGO 50% off!  This was totally unadvertised and awesome, so I went back and got the pink and coral polishes too!

Ok, this post is long enough!  If you read this much, extra points!  Thanks for reading! 

OH!  I added a poll to the sidebar!  I need help deciding which finish I should focus on next month!  Be sure to vote!

PS: These opinions are totally my own and may not apply to everyone!  Just because I don't like something or it doesn't work for me doesn't mean that it won't be perfect for you! 


  1. well you got some haul! The things I want is twirl by kate spade and blackmail!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! Ok, I have that Kate Spade perfume & I'm in love with it! I wore it so much in the winter, though, that it's become my "winter scent."
    I'm so excited to see your swatch of Victorian- I love mine. It took me a few coats, but I still love it. And I'm super excited to see your swatch of the Insta-Dri. I've been debating whether or not to get that one. :)

  3. @Toesthattwinkle!It's a fun scent! I can't wait to try blackmail for a full mani!
    @Olivia C.Thanks! I'm going to try to get to those this week. I'm hoping the sun comes out so we can see the shimmer properly!

  4. I love the weekly haul post idea!! I've never heard of birchbox but it's such a good idea. I only use a select few cosmetics, so it would be pointless for me, but I think that's so cool.

  5. @Emily
    Actually, I'm the same way, but it mostly because I don't really have access to a place where I can try things before I buy them, so this is awesome! I get a good enough sized product that I can actually tell if I like it or not before I order it!


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