June 18, 2011

Top 10 Award!

I want to thank Olivia from Livy Lu Lu for taking me for my first blog award!  I'm really really excited :)

The rules are pretty simple. Once you get tagged you have to do four things:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you (of course!)
  2. Post your award badge
  3. List your top ten cosmetic products
  4. Then tag the next ten bloggers!  Let them know, of course :) 
On to my Holy Grail!  First of all, I don't wear make-up a lot... but when I do, I usually don't vary much from my brands/routine!  Second, these aren't necessarily in order (except No 1)

  1. Hands down, number one is the Naked palette from Urban Decay.  I use this ALL THE TIME
  2. Bad Gal Lash from Too Faced
  3. Make-up Forever HD Finishing Powder.  Amazing.
  4. Make-up Forever Micro-Correcting HD primer in #1, green
  5. Wet n Wild gel eyeliner in black
  6. Too Faced bronzing powder in Snow Bunny
  7. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lipgloss (any)
  8. Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner (any)
  9. Beauty Secrets (Sally's brand) 100% Acetone nail polish remover (or just the plain acetone... that one has a fruity scent!)
  10. Seche Repair.  I have horrible nails!  (dirty little secret!)
There you have my holy grail of cosmetics.  Everything else I use is subject to change lol  Now, ten beauty bloggers to pass this on to.  Hmmm.... 

  1. Lynn from La La Lynnie
  2. Lacquered Lover
  3. Abby at Lovely in Lacquer
  4. Deniz over at Emerald Sparkled
  5. Sam of Fashion Polish
  6. Gwenn from Sweet Sugar
  7. I Am Definitely Addicted
  8. Amber who is all Rainbows and Sparkles
  9. The Manicured Monkey
  10. AND The Canadian Nail Fanatic
I tried to tag people I haven't seen with any badges or anything lately so they won't have to do it again.  If you have recently, ignore it!  

Again THANK YOU to Olivia!!  Check her out :)  

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Thanks!!! :D

    And yes, I did change URLs... or at least I'm in the process. Should only be wonky for a few days...

  2. @Amber Good! I thought I was doing something wrong! Your posts keep showing up on my sidebar but I can't get to them! I can't remember how I found it this time lol

  3. Hey, thanks for tagging me :D
    I'll do this one soon, I like the theme ^^

  4. yay! thank you! :D I recently got this and posted it but I'll add your link to it too!


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