July 26, 2011

Before I go to work...

I'm back already!  I woke up and checked my comments and had an OVERWHELMING amount of "what's in the box!"  So you wouldn't all start making me have "Se7en" nightmares, I'm giving you a peek.  A tiny one.  Oh, and you can see how humid it is here, I was outside for a minute (or less) taking this photo and my camera was fogged up.  Awesome.

Can you guess what this is?  What it's from?  Hope that helped a little!  Enjoy your day every one :)



  1. I have no idea what that polish is but it looks wonderful! My camera did that to me the other day. Actually the day I took my photos for my GOSH rainbow manicure. Anyways, I can't WAIT to see your haul photo. You said Sunday right?

  2. My camera does that when I go outside, too. It's so weird. haha.
    I have no clue what polish that is but I'm looking forward to finding out what it is- it's so pretty!

  3. I don't know what polish this is but it looks great!

  4. it reminds me of a del sol polish that changes in the sun.....but i think im totally wrong lol

  5. gLORIous spectraflair tc?! :D :D :D


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