July 26, 2011

FOTM: Orly Galaxy Girl

Hi everyone!  I have to work this morning, I'll be quick.

Like that gash I put in my pointer finger? 

Orly Galaxy Girl is a gorgeous glass fleck/duo chrome/metallic/foil-y polish.  I actually seemed to get the duo chrome effect captured, although I'm not sure you can see the fabulous green.  So, tell me, what polishes do you have that are like this one?  Love it?  Hate it?

Thanks for looking everyone! 



  1. ooo i like the duochromeness :)
    haha i gash my nails all the time too :(

  2. Gorgeous colours!!

    Btw I just wanted to think you for joining my giveaway ^^

  3. very pretty... I want this polish!!! lovely gash :-P

  4. pretty pretty.. I want it :) .. lovely gash :-P

  5. Love it! It looks really good on you. I don't think I have anything similar to this.

  6. oh gosh the gash i always get on my right pinky:( so anoying!


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