July 19, 2011

FOTM: OPI The One That Got Away

Hi everyone!  Sorry I'm a little late today.  Most of the time I write my posts the day before so they'll post early early.  I forgot to do that last night! And please don't think I sleep until noon everyday... I don't.  Far from it.  I was actually awake at 4am with severe "girl" pain so I had to take a Darvocet and it put me to sleep.   BUT I feel better now and I'm ready to write! 

Today, my glass fleck pick is The One That Got Away.  I LOVE this color.  I was going to buy it from a salon and they only had one bottle so they tried to sell me something else.  Uh NO!  I finally had to order it.  They were the only salon anywhere close that still had that collection and I guess they didn't want to sell it.  Now I have it and am SO happy I ordered it!  

The One That Got Away is a gorgeous dark raspberry jelly(ish) with fuchsia flecks in it.  I'm not sure if you can see from these pictures, but they are there!  Formula was ok.  It was a little runny so I had some cuticle flooding, which you can see.  Overall it was bad though! 

Overall, I am VERY happy with this polish!  I can see it being a go-to for going out or fall/winter manis.  I'm so glad I ordered it! (Did I say that already!?)

On another note, I used to be a barista and am ashamed that I forgot the ratios for cold brew coffee.  I finally found it and made some last night.  If you guys drink a lot of cold coffee drinks, I really recommend doing this!  It'll save you tons of money and it is essentially the same thing that's used in coffee shops.  Difference being the kind of roast you use which can be your personal preference.  Ok.  I'm done now. I just wanted to share because I'm sure some of you are coffee addicts like me :)  Thanks for looking everyone!

Listening to: Dead in the Water - Hawthorne Heights
If Only You Were Lonely, 2006


  1. Sooo pretty! Glad you were able to find it!

  2. @Olivia C. Thanks! I actually order a lot of my OPIs because they're hard to find here. There seem to be a lot of addicts here because they always sell out right away!
    @Liz'sPinkNails DO! It's gorgeous!

  3. i loveeee this colour too :D
    great advice for the cold coffee drinks! less coffee means more polish yayy!

  4. So pretty...you're making me crave pink with all these beautiful pinks you've been wearing lately, lol!

  5. Oh you were a barista! *dream*

    I love berry jellies! Your mani looks so pretty!

  6. @NailderellaIt was amazing! My favorite job so far :)

  7. That's a pretty polish!

  8. I gotta say, my heart skipped a beat when I saw your nails with this. It's super super gorgeous! It reminds me of Sparitual's Drop Dead Gorgeous. It was definitely a good decision to order it, so this one didn't get away after all! ;)

  9. I am a huge fuchsia fan - so when I saw this one I squealed with big time joy. Some say it looks like an older OPI from the Toyland 2008 collection "Don't Toy with Me." I think they are far different enough for me to own both!


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