July 23, 2011

FOTM: Sally Hansen HD Spectrum

Hi everyone!  I hope your weekend is going well!  Or that you are at least staying cool.  I have to tell you right now, I am JEALOUS of all you out there that are getting the cool front next week!  Iowa is supposed to stay hotter than hell's asscrack.  A "cool down" for us today was going from 108 degrees to 99 degrees.  YAY! lol  I stay in the house.  I can't deal with it!  

Moving on to polish related things... Today my featured polish is Sally Hansen HD Spectrum.  I'm not sure what I think about this polish, so let's just look at it:

So far, you can see that it is sheer.  This is four coats.  It's best used as a layering polish, but CAN be built up.  You'll see in the next picture that without flash you can't really see VNL.

I lied.  You can see some VNL.  Not bad though.  The formula on this was sort of watery, and combine that with the stupid Sally Hansen brush I hate so much and this was a pita.  It is very pretty, but will either be given away, or used over black.  I'm also bummed that the purple duo chrome didn't show up any better.  Ugh.  So, I'll try it again, maybe a few times then I may get rid of it.  We'll see.  Pretty?  Yes.  Pain in the ass?  Yes.  

I thought I would add this too:

I also wanted to share this video.  I know it's an ad, but I just found it on stumble upon and, as an addict, it made me smile.  Enjoy! 

Have a great rest of the weekend! 

Thanks for looking! 


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  1. I can't believe that was four coats. I hate sheer polishes. I do not have the patience for four coats haha. But the color is nice.

  2. Sorry but 4 coats and still VNL? I'll pass! It would be a pretty blue if it had more pigment though! Love your blog!

  3. I'm sorry the polish was such a pain! The blue is pretty, but not worth four coats I don't think.
    That video was cute! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. wow i didnt think the HD spectrum was so blue like that i was thinking it be idk darker? oh well it is still pretty. that video is awesome!!

  5. Layering is definitely the way to go with these--sometimes just one coat over something else seems to bring out the duochrome more for some reason.

  6. I hate polishes that take forever to put on because they require several coats. It stinks because it is a pretty color! But I bet it will look good over black! I'd love to see that! And cute video!

  7. Whoa that is really sheer! I bet it would look lovely layered though :) Beautiful shade

  8. Here it's only 60 degrees;;
    the weather has been so strange lately. Normally we get 90 degrees...very strange!!lol

    the color of your polish looks very pretty...I'm sure it would look over blue or green ;D

  9. When it comes to duochromes I found out that it is better to use a base colour underneath so their full beauty can appear. I would love to see some layering experiments with this colour ^_^
    And omg the ad!!! Fabulous!!!

  10. OK - here it is again - FOTM!!! I went and looked it up...I got something from computer gaming first - then I got flavor of the month - I guess that is what you mean...and yet I am not sure what you mean - is that in regard to our voting on the finish that we vote on for you to use? I did not realize we were committing you to using ONLY that finish all month long that next month - thought it was our favorite finish we liked currently and wore the most. I hate to commit you to using only one finish. I think you need to mix them up. My gosh - look at the voting - shimmer - we all love it - but come on - fall collections are filled with creams! You need to go with what you feel, what you get new in your haul IMHO! See I do know some acronyms!

  11. wow 4 coats and it's so sheer! and i'm surprised this is even a duochrome! love the video btw haha

  12. @beachgal Thanks for you comments! :) The Finish of the Month (FOTM) is just my way of "organizing" how I swatch. I needed a way to sort of keep track of how I showed you my stash! So, instead of just doing it willy nilly I figured I would group my polishes and swatch that way... Then I won't forget what I've already done :)

  13. You MUST LAYER THIS OVER BLACK!!! Truly it turns this nice nail polish into something absolutely StUnNING :) You won't regret it :) Happy polishing!



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