July 22, 2011

Last Friday's Pool party

Hey everyone!  Quick question before I start rambling :)  Do you enjoy the FOTM posts, or would you like to see something else?  I can see it getting hard to do later on... If there's something you'd like me to start doing in September instead, let me know!  Otherwise, vote in the poll!  August is almost here! (ick)

Also, I got a request to add a "follow by email" box, so I have done that, as well as a Bloglovin button.  I have no idea how either of these work, but since you do they're there! You can check it out on the right side under my profile! 

I ended up working today.  I'm friends with the owners of the place I work for and it is seriously never-ending drama with them.  They both like me so I don't have to deal with it, but seriously.  I got called late last night to come in today because the gf decided to leave town last night.  What?  That's enough of that though :)  More money for me I guess!  I gots bills to pay! lol

Last Friday I went to the "water park" with my friend and her kids.  It's been YEARS since I was at one, and just about as long since I've been swimming.  That makes me sad.  I've been swimming since I was two, and when I gained a ton of weight back (thanks endocrine system!) I just stopped going.  I was finally talked into going though and I am SO glad I did!  It's like I never stopped going.  It was so much fun!  I even conquered my fear of falling, and dark places, by going on the drop slide and the enclosed inner-tube slides.  AMAZING!  I can't wait to go back next week!  

Since I hadn't been out in a summer type area for years, I was excited to do my nails.  I decided on all neons, then decided to use my holo top coat over it.  I should have used one or the other because they kind of cancelled each other out.  It was still pretty, just not what I was going for.  They turned out like this:

ChG Kiwi Kool-Ada
ChG Towel Boy Toy
ChG Pool Party

Cute, right?  I love the accent nail, but the flowers SUCK!  Thank goodness I have dotting tools now!  I know people use toothpicks, but I have serious problems with those leaving holes in my dots.  I used an ink pin for this (lol) and a few of my flowers have ink on them.  My friend loved them though.  She always comments on how my nails are always done and "look really nice" then calls me crazy for it.  lol
So, at the pool these lasted like five minutes before peeling off.  Does anyone have any tips for pool wear?  It doesn't have to be perfect when I leave, but I would at least like them to still be painted when I leave!

So, I've been rambling for awhile so I'll stop.  I hope you all have a great weekend!  Thanks for looking!

Listening to: Forget You - Cee Lo Green
The Lady Killer, 2010


  1. nice mani!!! :) i love the flowers! you're right though.. the dotters put holes in the middle haha
    and it sucks going through drama at work cos you just wanna make money and get outta there lol!

  2. Aw so cute! I can't do any sort of nail art so I think the flowers look great! :)

  3. I'm with Carly; I think the flowers are super cute!

  4. Love it...looks so cute with the holo top coat!

  5. Cute nails! I love the flowers.

  6. I'd love to go to a water park for some swimming!! Lol. I think this look looks really nice too bad it didnt last the water. The holo top coat is amazing with it!!

  7. These are cute!!! Gosh i guess when your not a polish adic everyone thinks your crazy:) my friends think the same. But guess who saves about $50 bucks a month from going to a salon?? We do!:) haha i love your nails!! specially the green:)

  8. Hard to do flowers unless you do them with Konad or have a real flair with nail art pens. I surely don't! I am lucky I can do French mani's free form by rolling my finger and holding the brush still. I can do dots with a dotting tool. I saw water marveling this week and it looked amazing. I have to look up a how to do that one! I am usually not at all into neons...too teen for me..yet now it's mid summer, I actually bought my first neon - a super hot pink!

    OK...I am a whole different generation - and I don't text at all...what the heck are you asking us when you say do we like the FOTM posts. I cannot figure out for the life of me what you are asking us.


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