July 20, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Essie Your Hut or Mine

Hi everyone!  It's another pink Wednesday and I am so excited about this one!  I'm wearing another Amazon polish.  We never got the resort collection where I live (ANYWHERE!) so I finally had to order Your Hut or Mine.  I knew I HAD to have it when I saw the first swatch!  It's so pretty! It was also my first coral.  I know, incredible, right?  I'm such an addict but I never had a coral?  Now I have four or five.  I'm in love!  Even though coral isn't exactly pink, I'm wearing it for this post because is LEANS pink.  Close enough, right? :)

I don't really know how to describe this polish.  It is coral, it does lean pink (it's actually a little peachish) and it almost seems a little dusty. 

I love it.  It has this great shimmer running through it.  I am all about the shimmer right now.  It just saves so many colors from being so "blah."   That's all I really have to say about it.  I'm kind of speechless :)

On another note: What do you all think of Discus?  I reply to most of my comments, but I doubt any of you actually come back and check.  I don't.  I always forget when I leave a comment!  One that needs an answer anyway.  So I'm thinking of using something that will tell you when I reply.  Is Discus the go-to for this?  What does everyone think?  Should I use it?  Yay?  Nay?  Problems you have with it?  Let me know!

I'm gonna go now.  Thanks for looking everyone! 

Listening to: Runaway - Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010


  1. I'm really not much of a pink person but I do find myself liking corals this summer! this is really pretty! Love the dustiness to it!

  2. Love it! Great pick and I can't believe it's your first coral!

  3. Cute pink! We have the same keyboard cover btw haha. If you click subscribe/email followup comments you can get emails with each new comment.

  4. I've been wanting this color since I saw the 1st swatch! exactly like you! And like you again, I love corals but I don't have many (just 2 I guess...!!) I don't know why!?!...

    I also love shimmer in polish that's why I always apply "I juggle...men" over creams!kkkk

    I come back to check if the owner of a blog has written an answer if I asked a question...otherwise, I usually don't... (a bit sad...)

  5. I don't like corals a lot, I think I've never posted any, but this one has enough pink in it for me to love it :p
    It's cute ^^

  6. I never heard too much about this one, but it's pretty! It also looks really cute on you.

    And about the comments, I do come back and check, but usually like a few days later, because I always forget. It does help to get emails, and I think Disqus has an option for it. I think Intense Debate offers it as an option as well.

  7. That is such a pretty pink-coral color. I agree shimmer does save a color from just being bleh!

    I'm pretty sure Disqus comment thingy will make things easier, so go for it :D

  8. Very pretty, AND it matches your keyboard cover!

    I haven't tried Discus, but doesn't the Blogger comment panel let you tick a box that says "email follow-up comments"? Or I guess maybe that's just for EVERY comment on a post and not necessarily the single reply to an individual comment... Good luck, I hope it's a smooth implementation if you pull the trigger!

  9. @Nail NerdI think that's for all the comments on a post. I think I clicked it once and that's what happened. Maybe I'll try it again though before I decide??

  10. This is a very pretty coral.... I leave so many comments on so many blogs, so I hardly ever go back to check unless I ask a specific question or see someone ask a specific question and I want to know the answer! I know we are a lot alike because I see you leave a lot of comments on blogs just like I do!!!! It would be cool to receive an email if someone replies to a comment I make.

  11. That's a glam coral. Shimmers do give polishes an extra edge. I love them too. :)

  12. I bought all the shades from this Resort collection but for Your Hut or Mine from a guy on eBay because they were gone from my Rite Aide. His photo was really funky for this bottle and I did not go looking for others. Once I saw a good shot of it, I was right back on eBay picking up a bottle of this. It may be my fav pink/coral of all time! Great shade!


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