August 08, 2011


Hi everyone!  Sorry about not getting my "haul" posted yesterday.  I slept ALL DAY.  I think I got too much sun at the races and I just didn't feel well.  I'll just add everything to next week's Sunday post.  Today I have the mani that I wore to the races.  Cult Nails Captivated!

One Coat
See the blue nail?  Yeah.  That's what the crayola polishes do if you don't wear base coat!  Whoops!  This is one coat.

Two Coats
I still had trouble with it going on evenly.  Some of the nails would have been okay here.  Two coats.

This is three, and where I stopped.  The only one that didn't have enough coverage was the stained nail(s).  The others looked REALLY good.  I love it. <3

This polish is beautiful, but kind of a pita to apply.  One of my nails was THICK because it got so gloopy.  I'm going to blame my fan since it didn't start so thick... but I can't stand not having the fan on.  Oh well.  Other than that, it's amazing.  I can't tell you how removal was.  Sadly, we lost the car the other night (great job, dad!), and I got really nervous and started peeling it off.  It came off great that way! HA!  I imagine it sucks to take off just like other glitters, though.

Okay, I need to get back to work.  Remember: New poll, and two weeks left to enter my giveaway! Go check em out :) 
Thanks for looking!

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