August 02, 2011

FOTM: China Glaze Trendsetter

 Hi everyone!  I know you are all excited to see swatches of my last haul. I have good news, and bad.  Good news, I swatched some of them for my FOTM posts, and will be showing you those first.  Bad news, I am ULTRA busy this week, so that's all I'll be able to do.   Hopefully I can swatch them sometime next week to get up here.  :(

Today, I am showing you the new ChG Trendsetter.  It's gross.  Seriously.  lol  Gross in a good way.  Sound weird?  Look and see if you can tell what I mean:
Outside, no flash

I don't think you can see it.  You may just have to try this polish yourself.  What it is, is a gross, nasty green.  Really.  Then, you get it in light and BAM you have gorgeousness.  There is this insane gold/yellow shimmer in it that totally changes the color.

Inside, flash
I'm really disappointed that you can't see it in these pictures.  In the next maybe?

Kinda.  Anyway.  I, surprisingly, hater of all greens, am really liking this polish.  The shimmer factor just wows me.  It really is very pretty when you have the right light on it.  And yes, I really am wearing it to work today.  I want to stare at it some more :)  
Application wise?  WOW.  I had read somewhere that it was streaky on first coat.  Um.  No.  It was perfect.  It was almost a one-coater in fact.  A girl with shorter nails could probably get away with one since there wouldn't be any VNL.  It's amazing.  It's easy to control, pigmented, and delicious.  I recommend you pick it up.  Or at least borrow it to try once :)  

Before I go, I was wondering if there were a way you guys would want me to change anything. Less features?  More about me?  LESS about me?  Give me some feedback!  I want to make this the best blog it can be! Thanks for looking!  

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Doo-wops and Hooligans, 2011