August 02, 2011

Unrelated: Freedom Isn't Free

Hi everyone!  I just have a quick post.  A bunch of my friends, on NPG, PAA and irl are getting to greet their husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends/fathers home from the desert this month.  I am beyond overjoyed that everyone I know has been lucky enough to come home safe!  I have family over there that won't be home until next May... and every friend that comes home safe gives me a little more hope that he'll be fine.  I would encourage all of you to tell a soldier THANK YOU every day... OR as often as you can.  In every country.  ALL of you have soldiers out there risking their lives to keep you safe!  I also greatly encourage sending care packages, boxes of cards, drawings, letters, anything to troops.  If you need help finding someone to send them to, or if you would like to help me fill (any kind of) a box, let me know!  I will be glad to help! For those of us in the US please remember: Freedom isn't Free!