August 05, 2011

NOTD : Rare skittles!

Hi everyone!  Before I show you my NOTD I just wanted to touch base a little bit.  When I started this blog, I feel like I was accepted into a community in which I really belonged.  Every one has been AMAZING and I LOVE supporting and interacting with all of you.  That being said, you may have noticed my comments/emails/etc slowing down lately.  I swear, I'm just really busy!  I'm hoping things calm down soon, but every time I get a second to go through blogs or whatever, I start and something else happens.  It's just been crazy!  I'm still clicking through all of your links, even if I don't have time to read them, I want to give you those views and I AM checking your swatches and admiring all your hard work.  I just don't feel like I have time to say much.  For this, I am truly sorry and I am ready to be back in the swing of things!  After the weekend lol.

OK, on to the polish! :)  I was at Walmart with my friend the other day and all I wanted was Hard Candy Beetle.  I love that polish.  It's amazing.  I can't get it at my Walmart though, I have to get HC products at HER Walmart, so I haven't bought it yet.  Instead, I picked up the Crayola scented polishes.  I ended up letting her have them.  Her 3 yo (my God-daughter as she will be known in all other posts) was eyeing them pretty closely and there was only one package left.  I'll have to pick them up when I get paid tomorrow.  Just look at these!
Thumb to pinky:
Bubblegum, grape, sour apple, orange, blueberry

I had seen these on other blogs, with mixed reviews.  I personally thought they were great.  You can see there is no VNL, and I only used two coats on four of the five.  I used three on the grape, and I may not have even needed it.  Great coverage, great control and beautiful colors!  They all have gorgeous shimmer in them.  The green is stunning irl!  I took this picture around 24 hours after I applied, no top coat, no base coat, and they look almost perfect still.  Even with a full day of work/typing on them.  I think that is extremely good for wear.  My right thumb has a chip, but I somehow ripped the whole corner off that nail, so it isn't the polishes fault.  I am VERY happy with these, and if you like scented polishes, I highly recommend them!  

Before I go, I noticed I don't have any votes on the poll.  There's a new one up so, go vote!  I also don't have anywhere NEAR enough contest entries!  lol  I bet you don't mind :) Anyway, I'm going to go be overly busy now (yikes.) Thanks for looking! 

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