August 10, 2011

Pink Wednesday Franken Fun!

Hi everyone!  Happy Wednesday :) So, I feel kind of silly.  I posted Monday night that I wasn't wearing pink for Wednesday... only, I was writing Tuesday's post.  Oops!  Well, I really am wearing pink today, so I can go ahead with the regularly scheduled Pink Wednesday!  
This week I have been on a big Deborah Lippmann kick.  I refuse to buy her polishes though.  I think I can make some suitable copies for WAY less than $18.  I set to work Monday night trying to prove it.  These were the first I came up with:

I think these look pretty damn good!  I need a little more clear in the GITA copy, and more glitter in the other two, but I'm on the right track.  I decided to keep these the way they are and just go ahead and do separate bottles of the "more accurate" copies.  Tuesday, after buying tons more glitter, I got this:

Much closer on the black! The problem is that it needs a million coats, but it looks great!  I'm still missing some glitter from the pink, but I'm happy enough with it!  The purple was for fun.

Then, I decided to do a mint green with all the left over glitter.  I like how it's still milky.  The glitter looks surreal.  Really love it!

Here are all of them side by side.  I need help naming them.  The first pink is "Honey Dukes" and the first black is "Hog's Head."  I named them after the (candy shop) and the pub in Harry Potter.  For the two or three of you that might not have caught it lol  I picked Honey Dukes to kind of mimic Candy Shop, and decided the rest should be Harry Potter themed too, since they are so freaking magical looking.  So, name the rest for me?  I'm looking for some great suggestions! 

Finally, since it's Pink Wednesday, here's a picture of Honey Duke's when it's on.  I love it.  <3

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When the Sun Goes Down, 2011