September 05, 2011

Halloween Comparisons

Hello everyone!  This month, I am going to randomly start adding in some Halloween stuff.  October is my favorite month, and Halloween my favorite holiday so I start thinking about it as soon as it is over!  Today, I'm going to do a few Halloween polish comparisons.  I don't have many that are actually from Halloween sets, but these are the five I do have.
First up is China Glaze It's Alive, and Zombie Zest:
Pointer, Ring: It's Alive
Middle, Pinky: Zombie Zest
Looking at these two side by side, there really is no comparison.  They are both incredibly gorgeous and you should all pick them both up!  Only downside is that It's Alive is a very very dense glitter and is a pita to remove, and Zombie Zest is pretty sheer.  Above I have three coats and it could use another.  :S

Then, the ones we've all been wondering about, China Glaze Fortune Teller, ChG Ick-A-Body and Tuff Scent Faith:

Faith-IAB-Fortune Teller-Faith
It's really hard to see in this picture, but Faith and Fortune Teller ARE different.  Maybe not at first glance though.  They were much closer than I thought they would be!  Fortune Teller has hex glitter that Faith doesn't have.  I am also recommending it, just because Faith has that smell.  If you enjoy that kind of thing, it is a very good choice as well!  Both used three coats, but didn't need them.  I was just trying to get max glitter-y-ness.

Faith-IAB-Fortune Teller-Faith
As you can also see, there is no comparison between those two and Ick-A-Body.  That one has a sick green base (similar to the ZZ base) with very densely packed orange glitter.  I am in love with this shade.  I wore it a lot last year!  

I can (almost) justifying all of these.  I've heard that if you need a cheaper alternative for Faith, SH Pumpkin Spice might fit the bill.  I won't be buying it since I have Fortune Teller, but it's nice to know.  If I DIDN'T already have that one, I'm sure I would pick it up!  
So, as I get more Halloween polishes (trust me, I will be getting more), I'll do some more posts like this.  If there's something you want to see that you think I have (Mummy May I? comparison for example), or something I can get, I'd be more than happy to!  

Thanks for looking!

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Savage Garden, 1997