September 21, 2011

Secret Giveaway WInner!

Hi everyone!  Before I get into anything, I want to apologize for not posting.  I had a mani I was going to do Sunday night and post Monday, but I broke THREE nails.  I wasn't at home so I couldn't get them evened out the way I wanted.  Plus, the mani I had planned was for longer nails.  I do have a couple of posts planned for this week to get back into things.  Hopefully there will be sun so I can take pictures tonight!  YAY!

On to the "Secret Giveaway."  I really feel like sometimes people only read blogs to enter giveaways.  I want to reward my readers.  The ones that actually take the time to look, read and comment.  I love you guys!  I think I'll be doing these a little more often.  They're really fun.  :)

Now, I also apologize that I don't have a spreadsheet picture or whatever, I didn't get many entries so I just went in order and assigned each qualifying comment with a number.  You can handle looking at that :)  And now.  The winner:


Okay Amber, since I didn't see an email address, send me your info so I can get your prize sent out soon!  Thanks for reading!  

Okay guys, that's all for now!  I'll have a post up later.  THANK YOU to everyone who takes the time to see what I have to say!  I love you all! Thanks for looking.