October 30, 2011


Hi everyone!  I don't know how many of you celebrate Halloween, but I sure do!  So, to all of you who do, Happy Halloween!  Hope it's full of scares :)

Today, I really couldn't think of a Halloween mani that I wanted to do that hasn't already been done.  So, I didn't do one.  Sad, I know!  I have my awesome spider jewelry to make up for it though.  Instead, I put on three coats of Orly Rock Solid, and one coat of Unicorn Puke on my accent nails.  I couldn't wait to try it!  Here are the pics!

So!  There you have it!  My non-Halloween Halloween manicure!  I think it looks hot, and that's all that really matters, right?  lol  I'll probably put something on top of it later on, so you may get a late Halloween mani tomorrow, but we'll see.  Thanks for looking!