November 08, 2011

But, I'm A 212! I've Always Been A 212!

Yup!  Today I'm showing you $OPI 212-Sephora!  This polish was made for the opening of the Sephora Times Square store, and was thought to be limited edition (i.e.: Extinct).  Turns out, it's been re-released as a core (I think!) color!  It isn't marked LE on the website anymore anyway!  YAY!  So, go grab it!  I can show you pictures, and they are going to suck, so go to the store and see for yourself!  It is SO much better in person!  Enjoy!

These are seriously the only "good" pictures I could get.  I haven't seen any that are better! This shade is just Too. Hard. To. Capture!  There is holo micro glitter, duo chrome, flakes... It's truly insane.  Go check it out today!  GO!  
Thanks for looking!