November 07, 2011

I Wanna Show You My Girly Bits! A Review.

Hi everyone!  Today I have a review of a brand spanking new polish line called.... GIRLY BITS!  The line was created by a polish addict, like myself, who is in one of my Facebook groups.  Her name is Pam and she makes some truly amazing polishes!  Later on I will link to her blog.  There you can find more swatches and ordering information.  Let's move on though. 

Look how she packages her orders!  She took so much care to make sure that they were not only packed well (I didn't take a picture, but OMG there was no way they were going to break!), but that they make her customers feel special.  I love when companies put a little extra into their packaging! 

Each of the little bottles has a jewel attached to it.  So cute!  Plus, that little extra I was talking about! :)  She also wrote a little note to go with them.  How sweet is that? 

I chose four of the six shades from this collection, named "Seas the Day."  I felt the other blue "Denim Diva" was a little familiar (although now I'm wishing I had gotten it!), and "Sailor's Delight" was not me.  It's a pretty orange, but, have you ever seen me wear orange??  So, these are Street Magic, Stormy Skies, Purple Potion and Razzle Dazzle.

Stormy Skies
When I saw the swatches of these before they were made available, I NEEDED Stormy Skies!  It didn't disappoint, color wise.  I am a little saddened that it was so sheer!  This is four coats.  It definitely needs underwear!  If that isn't a problem for you (which it won't for me, now that I know!), then the formula on this is wonderful.  It went on beautifully with no streaks or patches to be found.  It also wasn't watery at all, which is always good! 

Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle was instant love for me!  Look at this gorgeous polish! This is two coats of fuchsia, purple and red/orange glitter.  Gorgeous. I had trouble getting it to photograph correctly.  This one possibly needs a little thinner.  I had a tad bit of trouble getting too much on the brush, and ending up with it on my cuticles.  So, excuse the glitter herpes!  Otherwise *drools*

Purple Potion
Razzle Dazzle's sister.  This is also incredible.  Another two coat glitter, this one is dominate purple instead of fuchsia, but the same concept.  This wasn't as thick, so it was a little easier to apply.  Very pretty! 

Street Magic
This was the come from behind winner for me!  I was expecting Razzle Dazzle to be my favorite, but if you couldn't tell from the pic spam, this one is a STUNNER!  I was a little put off learning that it was a topcoat, but I am perfectly okay with that now that I know what it can do! (not that a top coat is bad, I was just confused when I got a "clear" polish when I was expecting something else! lol) I literally gasped when I swatched this. It was on, it was flashing gold and orange, but I couldn't seem to get green to show up.  Suddenly, BAM, I hit an angle that changed all my nails into that stunning dark green shade you see there. This is truly incredible! (one coat over black)

So, overall impressions are very good!  The formula on these is amazing, and the colors are stunning.  I could really see myself picking up the remaining two if I saw these in a store.  Unfortunately, these are all limited edition, so I won't get that chance!  I recommend these FULLY to anyone who loves a good polish!  Especially since it helps out a friend that definitely deserves it! 
Price: Mini bottles (5mL) are $6 each.  Shipping depends on where you are, since they come from Canada.  More information can be found on her blog Pam's Girly Bits.  I'm not sure how long this collection will be sold, so go check it out NAO!  

Are any of you going to check these out?  If so, I want to see swatches!  Pam has another collection coming out in the next month or so (I believe) and I can't WAIT!  What do you think?  Thanks for looking!

*One polish was sent to me for consideration, the rest were paid for by me.*