November 15, 2011

I Just Found Out I Have.... Glitter Herpes. (Wet N Wild Color Icon)

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Hi everyone!  I promise, I'm done with the cute names.  For now.  I felt that I needed to keep this one though, because it's true.  Take a look at the pictures and note the amount of glitter that was left behind.  By these polishes.  Ugh.  The war against glitter continues!  I love it, and I find myself wearing it more than any other finish, but it pisses me off so much!  

So, today I am showing you the three Wet n Wild LE Color Icon Ice Baby polishes for holiday 2011.  These were the only three that I felt I needed, the rest were just "eh."  Now that I have these I'm not entirely sure I needed them either, but I'll keep them for now!  (all of these are actually only two coats)

It's All in the Cut
A light lilac glitter with scattered pink hex glitter. I actually really like how this one covers!  Very pretty.

Rockin' Rubies
This is a red glitter with multi-colored hex glitter scattered in it.  It was hard to capture the hex, but it is really very pretty.  I might use this to layer over black or other reds.  Not sure yet. 

Diamond in the Rough
This is a pretty dark gray/charcoal glitter with the same multicolored glitter as Rockin' Rubies has.  I'm not sure if this stands out from Orly Rock Solid, but it is pretty.  This is probably best as a layering polish as well.  I believe I used two coats, but this may be three.  

There you have it!  The only one that I am super pleased with is It's All in the Cut.  The others are pretty "meh" especially with others that have come out this season.  I'm not sure what I'll do with them.  Oh well. What do you all think of them?  

Thanks for looking!