November 29, 2011

In Memoriam: A Review

Hi everyone.  I wasn't planning on doing a review until Friday, but I felt that today was appropriate for one.  I'll get to why in a little bit.  There was a tragedy.  *cries*  So, I am posting my China Glaze Eye Candy review a little early.  Hope you enjoy! 

Let's get right into it.  Eye Candy is a special collection that was just released for Winter from China Glaze in honor of Marilyn Monroe.  As soon as I saw CosmoProf pics and heard that these polishes were all about Norma Jean, I had to have them!  I am an uber fan girl.  Probably the biggest you will ever find!  (that is still sane, anyway.)  For the most part, I was not disappointed in the collection!  

Marry A Millionaire
This was named after (of course) Marilyn's movie "How to Marry A Millionaire" in which she and two of her friends scheme together to marry into money.  Of course, the plan goes awry.  This polish kind of reminds me of that.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it!  There are small purple hex glitters, and multicolored "hairy" glitter (enlarge pics to see!).  Very jumbled.  I actually think I like this one more than I thought I would, but I'm not sure how often I'll use it.  Also, when I got it, the bottle had leaked.  Not a little bit, but at least 10% of the bottle!  That was kind of disappointing, and the polish is a little thick because of it.  I'll have to add some thinner, and we'll see how I like it then.  This took 3 coats to completely cover.  

Material Girl
I'm not sure what this was named for, but I have to guess that it was because all of Marilyn's best known characters were gold diggers.  It also reminds me of the pink dress that she wore when she sang "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  I imagine those are two good reasons for this name.  The polish itself contains pink micro glitter, darker pink medium hex glitter and sparse iridescent pink hex glitter.  I love this shade!  It is so pretty and girly.  Very fitting to the collection!  This took 2 coats.

Love Marilyn
Love Marilyn is simply named after the beauty herself.  I was disappointed in this shade when I first saw it.  I thought it was going to be way too similar to that Miss Piggy one.  Ya know, the OPI glitter?  Plus, I don't like red.  However, this collection isn't about me!  After wearing it, you can tell that the red micro glitter is much more dense than the OPI version, and the silver hexes are smaller.  There are also more of them.  I probably won't wear it much, but it is a good red glitter for anyone who enjoys them!  Covered fully in 3 coats. 

Some Like It Haute
Another beauty named after one of Miss Monroe's most famous movies.  It is a personal favorite of mine, so I won't get into it or I'll talk all day.  (Man, there's just something about those sax players!) This shade looks similar to some others that are being released right now, but this is my favorite.  I'm a sucker for names, and that shoots this one clear to the top of the list!  Actually, I do think it is the prettiest, but most of the "dupes" haven't been seen in person.  The charcoal micro glitter base is very similar to several polishes, even a few I have, but the density and holo-ness of the hex glitters is what makes it stand out.  This is another 2 coater. 

Blonde Bombshell
Blonde Bombshell is just that!  It is a gorgeous gold-spun polish that contains gold micro glitter and hex glitters.  I think there are some bar glitters in there as well?  I'm not sure, because I don't have the best eyes and can't see bar glitter that well, but I think I've heard that.  Let me know??  I am in LOVE with this for winter!  It is an amazing gold for the holidays! 

Lorelei's Tiara
And here we are, back at Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  In the movie, Lorelei (Marilyn, duh) comes across a wealthy man and ends up with his wife's tiara.  Silver with blue stones.  It was gorgeous.  Hilarity ensues.  Trust me, another good movie.  Anyway, this polish has silver micro glitter, and silver and blue hex glitters.  On it's own it is incredible!  However, I found that the staying power isn't that great, so I have used one coat of a plain silver base and one coat of LT to get the same effect as the three coats shown above.  

 What do I think?: Overall, I am very pleased with this collection!  Although, as with most glitters, they are a pita to get off.  As far as workability and "goopy-ness" Marry A Millionaire was the only one I had a problem with.  Now, I'm not sure if that's because it has a typical glitter formula, or if it's because the bottle was slightly open when it was shipped to me.  I'm going to go with the second guess, simply because the others worked so well.  They aren't super gritty, so one thick top coat, or two even, is substantial.  I recommend these for glitter lovers!

Favorites:  Lorelei's Tiara and Material Girl, for sure!  There is just something about the blue/silver combo that pulls me in every time!  

Availability: These are available from several e-tailers, Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta.  Cost depends on where you are buying them from.  

Now, on to the tragedy.  I was cleaning today and heard a crack (a full bottle of polish makes a loud cracking sound... not a glass breaking sound) and found (warning: if you have a weak stomach, please do not continue to the accident scene photos):

Yup, my favorite, Material Girl, was decapitated.  I have been beside myself all day.  She was so young! Only swatched once.  She never even had a chance to be worn!  My heart is broken.  Hopefully, I can find another at Sally's before they are all sold out! I NEED Material Girl!  Sorry you had to see those photos.  I couldn't NOT share.  It was my first real loss.  Have you ever lost a favorite polish?  Thanks for looking!  

*In Memory: Material Girl November 17, 2011-November 28, 2011*

*Polishes in this post were provided for consideration.  This did not sway my opinions, and everything written is 100% factual to the best of my knowledge.*