November 09, 2011

When Was the Last Time Your Nail Polish Bottle Turned Heads? (A Review)

Hi everyone!  I am so excited about today's post!  I have for you a brand that many have been waiting for for MONTHS.  The Bootie Babe nail polish line was set to launch back in... April?... but due to some manufacturing issues is just now getting released.  All orders should be caught up by now, and I've gotten two shipments from them! 
Bootie Babe is all about having fun, but making a quality product.  The polishes are B3Free and come in cute little (you guessed it!) Bootie shaped bottles. No, I'm not joking.  The bottles look like arses.  And I love them! Let's take a look at what I was sent, shall we?

First up are the boxes.  How cute is this logo?  All polishes come shipped in one of these boxes, which features all the product information, including color, ingredients and size. 

The cap has the logo on the top.  I love it! 

The name of each polish is affixed by a sticker to the top of it's box.  In my second shipment, the colors on the boxes were mixed up and I had a purple in the pink box and a pink in the purple box.  This makes me think that the stickers are placed after the polish is selected and put in the box, so that would be the biggest mistake you would expect from that! 

Bottle shape.  They are so tiny, and freaking ADORABLE!  Look at the cap though.  It takes a little getting used to.  I'm fine with it now, but I had to get my fingers used to holding that groove instead of a longer lid.  I've been told that the design will change in the future, but I'm fine with them for now! 

Lilac Lunatic
I had to post two photos of this polish since it is so light (the second picture is most accurate).  It is really just a classic lilac.  Absolutely gorgeous.  The formula is AMAZING.  Two coats.  No joke.  There was zero chalkiness, and zero streaks!  It is for sure a keeper! 

The butt view! I really can't get over it... teehee *giggles like a school girl*

Pinky Dinky
Pinky Dinky is another instant favorite of mine!  I don't know what to call the finish, but this color in general is very similar to Orly Flirty that came out in the Happy Go Lucky collection.  I was instantly reminded of that shade when I put this on, and when I looked at the bottle I was even more convinced that these are closely related. It is a tad frosty, but with no brushstrokes, is beautiful in two coats. 

Brink of Pink
BoP is pretty much a typical neon cream.  Except it is opaque!  Two coats, seriously!  I was so excited when I put it on.  VERY impressed!  This photo shows it a little brighter than it is.  My nails in the box photo, and the color on the brush below are more accurate. 

The only problem I had with this shade was the brush.  See how wonky it is?  It worked well after a slight learning curve though! 

Purp Slurp
PS is a cool leaning purple cream.  Nothing too exciting or unique about it, although I'm sure I don't have anything quite like it yet! It is very pretty, and again, opaque in two quick coats! 

How do I feel about these?  Amazing.  I am SO impressed, and I think that the product was well worth the wait! My favorite, simply because of the opacity, is Brink of Pink.  It was a shocker!  The quality on all of these is simply incredible, amongst the top of all polishes I've used.  

Downsides: The cap could be a little hard for people to get used to, but they are supposed to be working on that for future releases.  Also, they are only .31oz!  That isn't really a HUGE problem, since I hardly ever go through a whole bottle, but it is a little bit of a downer since I love them so much!  I'm sure I'll go through BoP like crazy in the summer!  Fortunately, I've also been told that they hope to start releasing bigger bottles.  Yay!  

So, do I recommend these?  You bet your bootie I do (that was lame teehee)!  I will be buying at least another four from them.  No joke.  I will be getting the other pink, as well as the blues at some point.  We'll see about the greens and the yellow! 

I would also like to add that their customer service is absolutely top-notch!  If you have an issue, your inquiry is answered within 24 hours, and resolved quickly and efficiently.  I really like that in a company, and it is rare that it happens that way these days! 

The price per bottle is a reasonable $6, and shipping differs with the size of your order starting at $3 for domestic orders or $6 for international.  

If you would like more information, you can find them at, or on Facebook at

Thanks for reading everyone!  If you pick some up, let me know what you got!  I want to see swatches of them all! 

*Bootie Babe Cosmetics provided me with the product for review.  My opinions are solely my own, and what is presented is truthful*