November 03, 2011

Zoya Jules

Hi everyone!  I had my first day of work  yesterday, and it was awesome!  I also have an interview for a third (yup. 3) job coming up next week that I hope goes well!  Since I'm going to be busier than crap this holiday season, I have written out a schedule of posts for the rest of the year.  I may not stick to it completely, but at least I have ideas written down so I'll never have to worry about no inspiration!
Today I had decided to wear a Zoya.  I picked Jules because I've never worn it before, and really, it was the first one I saw!  lol  I don't think I like it though.  Let's take a look, shall we?

So, Jules is a pretty basic beige/tan/whatever nude type shade with heavy gold shimmer.  I don't know WHY I bought it.  I know I hate neutrals!  I'm going to give it a chance to grow on me today, otherwise it may be going to a swap partner.  We'll see!  What polishes have given you this same feeling?  Let me know!  I've been missing y'alls comments lately!  (I know, my fault... but still! lol)  Thanks for looking!