November 04, 2011

Cherimoya Vernis Classique: Review

Hi everyone!  Today I have the long awaited (sorry about that) second part to my Cherimoya review "series."  
Back when I was sent those amazing mattes, I was also sent 12 "classic" varnishes.  The "Vernis Classique" line consists of your normal, run of the mill polishes.  Not crackle, not special FX in anyway.  So far, I'm pretty impressed.  
These polishes all had amazing coverage and pigmentation, and only one of the creams required three coats.  They do smell a little funny, and I don't know how to describe it other than an "art studio" smell.  Sort of like chalk pastels, acrylic paint and crayon altogether.  I have never had a polish smell like that (besides the mattes, and I forgot to mention it. The Pebble Beach polishes do as well!)!  It isn't strong, and it's not unpleasant.  To me anyway.  But it is worth noting.  The one downside, they aren't as fast drying as they claim to be.  There isn't a significant difference in any other polishes I've seen.  Other than that, I recommend these fully! 
Let's take a look! 

This is a creamy pinkish lavender shade.  In pictures, it looks way more pink than it is, so I took the crappy blurry one without flash.  That one is true to color.  This shad applied perfectly in two coats.  It wasn't chalky or patchy at all!  Plus, it is VERY pretty. 

Metallic Pink
Just like the name says.  It is a metallic finish, two coats.  This was a tad bit less brush stroke-y than most metallics I've come across.  Another winner! 

Tiffany's Purple
First off, I don't understand the name.  If someone knows the reference, please help me out! 
This is a gorgeous lilac glitter with magenta mixed in.  It isn't anything SPECIAL, but it is very pretty. Top picture is one coat over Metallic Pink, which is a gorgeous combo! The second picture shows what it looks like with one, two, three and four coats. It is most definitely a topcoat! 

Heavy Metal
I'm glad they didn't name this Metallic Lilac or something.  It annoys me when companies do that! This metallic is a very, very light purple.  I had a hard time capturing it, actually!  It looks almost silver, even irl. As you can see: more brush strokes on this one.  Especially on the index finger.  It is very pretty though, and shouldn't be passed up if you like metallic finishes. 

This one was a miss for me. I don't like these super chunky glitters that make you work to get the effect you want! It is almost impossible to actually pick up a star on the brush without trying.  If you can handle the hassle, get it! The stars are very pretty. Otherwise, I'd skip it. 

Neon Cherry
These photos are in NO way accurate! It's a neon red, not red-orange, not pink. Neon red.  So, think the brightness of these pictures, with a more RED hue.  It's very pretty!  The finish is kind of jelly like, without being a jelly, so it required three coats. I LOVE this polish! 

Blood Diamond
This should have been named "Pure Sex" or something similar. It is a dark red base, with tons of gold micro shimmer.  I can't get an accurate photo!  The gold and the red seem to mix when I take pictures to make it look lighter than it is. It almost looks fake!  However, this polish is perfect for holidays, or wanting to look hot! Definitely pick this up! (and see if someone else has better swatches!)

I'm not sure what the name is implying here.  lol  I'm not sure at ALL what to think about this glitter. It is red glitter, with larger pink, blue and yellow hex glitter mixed in.  It seems very strange to me! I haven't made up my mind about it yet, so I'll let you decide for yourselves. Again, top picture is one coat over Blood Diamond. Bottom photo is one, two, three and four coats alone. 

Metallic Blue
I had problems picturing this one as well!  In the end, I think these two are fairly accurate.  This is a metallic blue (duh.) that is very pretty.  It has medium brush stroke-y-ness.  It is also two coats! 

Barbie Pink
This gave me the most trouble of all!  Which is funny, because it might be my favorite that they sent! 
Barbie Pink is a gorgeous, almost coral, bright pink.  It was beautiful in two flawless coats! The second picture is most color accurate. FOR SURE pick this one up if you like pink! 

Yup.  That's the name.  Just Black. This is an amazing black.  It's a one coat black cream.  I. Love. This. Black. It's my new go-to! 

I have NO idea what happened here. BUT you need to see the gold over black :) Sorry! 

Gold Glitz
Gold Glitz is a pretty basic gold glitter.  There is nothing really special about it.  It's pretty, but you've probably seen it before! Top photo is one coat over Black, bottom photo is one, two, three and four coats. This is another that is meant to be worn with something else. 

Rundown: The creams and metallics are amazing!  They were all very pretty colors, and I had zero application problems with them! The glitters are okay, though pretty common.  The only one I would for sure skip is Starstruck.  The others were welcome to my collection because, even though they've been seen before, I didn't have any! How strange, right?  My favorites are definitely Barbie Pink, Black and Heavy Metal.  I think.  For sure BP and Black though! 
Information: Unfortunately, I don't have much more information than I had with the last review.  This makes me very sad, since I am willing to check out more of these collections!  If you want to keep checking up on them, the website is HERE.  Otherwise, I will post when I know more! 

So, what do you guys think?  Will you be checking them out?  Are you excited for the last review since I was teasing it last week?  lol  Let me know your thoughts!  Thanks for reading! 

*Products in this review were sent to me for consideration*