December 29, 2011

Le Chat Dare To Wear: Razzle Dazzle

Hi everyone!  Here I have some not so great, but still stunning pictures of my very first Dare To Wear polishes!  These are part of the Perfect Match line that recently came out.  

Perfect Match consists of a professional line of gel polishes paired with matching "regular" Dare to Wear polish.  So basically, you buy the gel polish and get the DtW dupe of it for free!  It's pretty neat.  For now though, the gels are only available for pros, so I could just get the Dare to Wear versions.  

When I originally inquired about these glitters, I was told that they are more dense than other brands, and only needed a few coats to be fully opaque.  Well, I don't know about that.  I WAS very impressed with the density and the consistency of the base, but I used three coats for all of the swatches below.

La Rosa Romantica
This reminds me a little of the OPI Burlesque glitters that came out in 2010.  It is an extremely multi-colored micro-glitter in a clear base.  In the top picture it looks a little more opaque than it really is (as seen in the second photo), but could probably pass as opaque with either one more coat (to make 4), or with a similar base color.  Formula was okay, but it's a glitter so it was a little thick.  Not too thick to work with though. 

Princess Tears
This is another one reminiscent of the Burlesque collection.  It is predominately blue, with silver, gold and a little pink glitter mixed in.  Same formula, but I think this one is a little more opaque.  Plus, since there is a predominate color, it would be easier to find a matching base.  

Red Ruby Rules
This is the last of the multi-color glitters in this set.  The predominate color is magenta or purple.  Again, very OPI.  I can say, however, that I like these a lot more than I did the OPI ones.  A little easier to use.  This is the most opaque of the three.  You could probably get away with the three coats without a base color. 

Techno Pink Beat
TPB is a unique little gem!  It has a hot pink super jelly base, and all kinds of different silver holographic glitters in it.  There are large hex, micro glitter, and all variety of sizes in between.  There are some magenta pieces in there as well.  It is SO pretty!  I love it.  For some reason, this is the thickest formula of them all.  It kind of sucks.  It did improve with some thinner, though, so I won't hold a grudge.  Very pretty! 

Hologram Diamond
All I can really say about this one is WOW!  It is gorgeous!  A perfect silver scattered holo glitter.  It covers extremely well!  This is three coats.  You MIGHT be able to get away with two!  I love it.  I wore it out as an accent the night after I swatched and got TONS of compliments!  Very, very eye catching! Formula was great on this.  Perfect glitter polish! 

Blurry pic to show the awesomeness!

Seriously Golden
I could write pretty much the exact same thing on this as I did on Hologram Diamond.  Pretty much the same polish, except gold.  Same formula, same bling effect.  I love this one as well! 

I am really excited about having these in my stash.  They are gorgeous!  I don't know that I'll use the top three as much as the last three, but how cool is the name Princess Tears?  A little morbid, I'll admit, but it reminds me of the darker side of fairytales.  I love it.  Like I said, the formula is actually pretty good on all of these, considering they are glitters.  I'll probably use at least a few of them all the time!  

Cons:  Glitter herpes.  Bad glitter herpes.  That's normal, but I can't stand it!  Don't wear these if you are going to have to take them off and immediately put something else on.  I always have to take glitter polishes off, wash my hands, clean the rest of the glitter off with a clean cotton ball, wash again, then wipe my nails down.  It's a process!  :)  That's really it though!  

Overall:  I would absolutely buy these!  At least the last three.  Probably Princess Tears.  Possibly Red Ruby Rules.  The only one I for sure would not get: La Rosa Romantica.  It's pretty, but it looks like a circus or something to me.  I'll find an occasion to wear it, but it won't be oft used!  

I am very happy with my first Le Chat experience!  I'm hoping that the gel polish kits will come to a supply store near me, I would love to try those too.  If anyone does their own gel nails, I would love to hear about it!  

You can find Dare to Wear as well as Perfect Match at the Le Chat website or at various supply stores.

What do you think?  Let me know!  Thanks for stopping in. :) 

*Products sent for consideration.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.*



  1. DROOL @ Techno Pink Beat & Hologram Diamond!
    I wonder how Seriously Golden compares to Funky Fingers Golden Coast? It's a similar color.

    1. TPB and HD are two of my faves! The other is the gold. Such a pretty bunch <3

  2. Mais que esmaltes mais lindos.

    1. Thanks, doll! It's been too long, we need to talk soon! <3


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