December 28, 2011

Holiday Hauls! Part 1

Hi everyone!  How did your Christmas go?  Tell me about it in the comment section!  Yes, it's back!  Today I have for you my Secret Santa gifts (and one package from Erika!).  I somehow got signed up to do FOUR Secret Santas on Facebook!  Whoops!  I was a little stressed that I wouldn't get them all bought/out, but in the end it was super fun.  So, onto the packages!

The first one I received was from Canada.  She sent really pretty stickers, a fun little snowman (that my dog immediately tried to hide), a sleep mask, a jewel set and some really cute tools.  See the clippers with the zebra print?  It has a bottle opener on it!  How cute is that??  She also sent some Purel and a couple of ADORABLE Canada Magnets.  Love them!
GOSH Gasoline, Kleancolor Metallic Purple, Joe Fresh Denim, Kleancolor Metallic Pink, Joe Fresh Twilight (squee!), KC Metallic Jungle, Joe Fresh Violet, Joe Fresh Bloom

I love all of the polishes she sent!  The KC metallics are incredible, Twilight is gorgeous and Gasoline is omg.  Great job <3

The next one I got came almost a week and a half later.  They were really spread out!  In this one I got chocolates, fuzzy socks *love*, an Avon lotion and lip balm, Christmas cookie flavored lip glosses (which all smell good but the gingerbread one.  Ick.), stickers, a candle and a nerds rope (yum!).
Sally Girl Silver Glitter, FingerPaints Hue Left a Message?, Sally Girl iridescent glitter.

Next one I got wasn't a SS.  It was a gift from my polish BFF Erika from Polish Fixation.  She spoils me!  With my polishes, I got TONS of candy and that cute little reindeer PEZ dispenser. 
ICING Hong Kong Garden collection (gorgeous metallics), Nfu-OH 51 (my first!), Prevail Glitz & Glamour
Erika knows me SO well!  The Nfu-OH was the biggest surprise ever!  LOVE it!  

This was actually the last package I received.  The one after it I actually got first.  This one came the Monday before Christmas.  I was getting worried!  Thanks for the heads up that it was coming from "santa" Debby!  
I didn't get a picture taken of the things unwrapped.  Duh.  What you see here, though, are snicker doodles (my faves!), hot cocoa mix (she had read that I like the cookies and cocoa together lol), lotion from Sally's, fuzzy socks (I'm telling ya, I LOVE those!), a nail file, Vaseline lip therapy (I got asked at work if it were my Barbie's vaseline jar teehee) and Orly Androgynie.  Loved everything!  

This last one wasn't from Facebook.  Amanda at The Nail Polish Enthusiast actually organized this one on Elfster.  This had to be the most fun of all of them!  We were able to make wish lists and ask each other questions (anonymously, of course) to find out more about each other.  Elfster assigned the swap partners and everything.  It was awesome!  I was overcome when I got my package.  It was so great!  Thank you!  
Butter London Wallis, Essie Matte About You (my bottle is almost out!), BL All Hail The Queen and China Glaze Paper Chasing

I had tons of fun doing all of these!  Next year I'll try not to get signed up for so many since I was a little stressed.  However, if it comes down to doing it again this way, or not at all, I'd do it again!  Everyone in my Facebook groups are amazing and I love you all!  Thanks for stopping by!