January 13, 2012


Hello all my dolls!  Wow.  That was lame.  :)  I need to find a new greeting.  Something special for all you lovelies... So, forgive me if I sound stupid the next couple of days!  *teehee*  

I have for you today, BECCA cosmetics!  BECCA is a completely new brand to me.  I found them while doing a google search for indie brands and I wanted to try them out.  I won't lie, I strive to try EVERY nail polish brand that is available in the world!  It's a life goal.  Anyway, there isn't much info on the website about the brand other than they strive to give women of all age and race a beautiful, natural look.  That would explain all the neutral polishes they have!  I'm not sure if it's because they are new, or if it goes with the philosophy of the company, but there are only about 8 colors, and they are all neutral.  Even if they stay in the neutral scheme, I would love to see more shades by this brand!  Take a look and see why!  
First of all, how sexy are these boxes?  I'm loving that taupe type color.  Yum.  

The brush.  I love the brush!  It is flat, it spreads well, but it's not as wide as the OPI brushes.  It is the perfect size for my narrow nail beds!  Yay!  

Toasted Marshmallow
This is the one I thought I would like best of the two.  It is a rosy taupe that seemed like it would go rather well with my skin tone.  It didn't.  I am so disappointed!  The formula was awesome!  There was no flooding, and it covered in two coats.  It was really great to work with.  Also, although it isn't SUPER shiny, there is no top coat on these swatches!  You could totally skip it if you want.  Love the color, but I don't know if I'll be wearing it.  *sad face*

Billy Tea
I don't know what to think of this shade!  In the bottle, I hate it!  It is the one that looks best with my skin, though.  It actually looks very nice!  It has the same amazing formula as TM, but it's lacking charm.  

PRO:  Great formula!  It really did go on like butter.  Dried rather quickly, doesn't need topcoat.

CONS:  I didn't like either of these shades!  TM was too weird for my skin, and BT was just *meh.*  I would really like to try Summerdayze or Tangerine Dream though.  
The price.  $15 each.  A little steep for me!  If these were go-to colors, I'd pay it.  So, that's all a matter of choice.  If you would be wearing this a lot (enough to appreciate the formula!), I'd grab them!  

Overall:  I might try the two shades I listed above if there is a sale or I'm feeling froggy or something.  I would like to see how the other shades work with me!  Don't hold your breath though.  I guess I just like my shimmers and glitters too much?  

If you want to check them out, you can find them here.

I would LOVE to hear about it if you check these out!  Thanks for stopping in!  <3

*Products sent for review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own*


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  1. Eek! $15 :( What a bummer. The colors are pretty though


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