January 15, 2012

Possible Series?

Hey guys!  Since I don't usually post on Sundays, This is (hopefully) going to be short.  On with it!

Since I've been posting daily during the week, I almost feel like my posts are getting boring.  I don't do much nail art, and I've had a lot of reviews lately (got REALLY backed up with winter collections!), so basically all you're seeing are swatches.  So, I guess I'm asking: Is there something you would like to see? Do you want me to kind of just wing it with the art, or do you want me to do some kind of series?  Do you think I should restructure my review schedule, or leave it how it is?  Do you want me to do non-nail related posts at some point, maybe weekends?  I want you to comment, or email, what you think I should be doing!  I hate when bloggers ask this question, because honestly, it's my blog and I can do what I want.  HOWEVER, I think I need to be doing more, I'm just not sure what!  So, let me know!  Maybe after I get some ideas I'll put a poll up.  Idk.

Anyway, hope your weekend is going well!  I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with!  Thanks!



  1. Personally, I really enjoy a good nail art of color series =] it could be fun to see your talent expressed in different ways =]! Good luck =]

  2. I love the challenges that are floating around! I love nail art and I get a little bored with so many swatches. Good luck wit whatever you decide! I wish I had the problem of so many polishes!

  3. If u go to my blog theres a challenge once a week its fun :)

  4. I enjoy anything you've been posting so anything you decide I would love to see! Although I mainly follow nail blogs, I do follow some other topic blogs and seeing posts about other topics is always fun for me to see! :)

  5. Maybe a day of the week where you swatch an untried (and maybe call it First Friday)? Or a guest post by a non-blogger? A post about skintones?

    Hope that helps a little. Good luck!

  6. I personally love swatches. I like random bottle collection photos as well too. If there is too much going on in a blog, I don't have time to read it and comment - I need to pass on by - so swatches are what I like - what I look for - not into nail art myself at all. Nothing against all those who love it, do it and are major into stamping. I just love my plain beautiful colors and looking at them. Swatch blogs help me sort out what to buy - what I have and have not worn for a long time etc.


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