January 27, 2012

FingerPaints Flakies!

Hi guys!  Today I am sharing with you my experience with the FingerPaints Special Effects!  

As soon as we all started seeing swatches of these, we knew they were going to be hard to come by!  For me, that was an understatement.  I had heard that Sally's in other cities were getting them earlier than mine, so I had a set sent to me.  I was then asked if I could get another, and since they hadn't shown up at my store yet, I figured I could.  I couldn't.  In fact, my store sold out the day the were put on the shelf.  I never even got to see the display!  Luckily, I found someone who had an extra set.  So we were right.  These things went FAST!  I'm hoping that these will be available on the website for awhile, because I really think that everyone needs at least one of these.  They are so pretty!  

For the photos, I wanted to make sure I got an accurate depiction of each top coat, so I mattified them.  I really like the look of mattified flakies, probably for the same reason everyone else does!  So, let's take a look, shall we? 

Twisted is probably the best of the bunch here!  It has flakes of just about every color you can imagine being in one polish.  Right off I can see pink, purple, blue, green, red, orange and yellow.  So pretty!  This is a MUST have if you can get to it! 

Asylum is Twisted's little sister.  There aren't quite as many colors, or flakes even, in this one.  Mostly blue/purple but also with pink and red/orange.   I REALLY like this one too!  The pink and blue look incredible together. 

Flecked is a basic green flakie.  You could probably skip this one if you have any like it.  

Motley is green and blue flakes.  A lot like the Zoya flakies Opal and Maisie, but with a clear base.  If you have those, you could skip this one.  OR vice versa. 

I really love Flashy!  It is red flakes that flash orange.  I don't have any other flakies like this!  I have a "fire" mani coming up in March that I'm going to try to use this with.  It's perfect! 

So, those are my thoughts on this collection.  I am SO glad that I got this set!  Even if I did have to pay a little extra for shipping! :)  I want to hear all your thoughts too! 

Before I go, I want to know what you want to see as far as Valentine manis.  I'm going to start getting some ready this week and want some suggestions!  Thanks!  

Have an awesome day everyone!  Thanks for reading. :) 



  1. It's flakies so you know I love them! :D <3 matte flakies too

  2. I loved glaze black and flaker red, is very pretty.

  3. I love that you mattified these! It makes it really easy to see the difference. My local store sold out the first day, and they didn't get their reshipment when they thought. One store in the metro area planned ahead, so I went there. I had my heart set on Twisted, which was the only color they didn't have. I didn't want to take my chances so I bought Asylum instead. I'm happy with it, but if I see Twisted one day...

  4. I love Flashy! Really nice swatches, you can really see the colors on top of the black :)

  5. I like all of them and lucky enough to have landed them all but only because I heard they were coming and was in a residency Inn across the street from a Sally's for 2 months. The gals held them for me until I got there. I like them matte - but I really love them shiny - it's fun to wear them all matte and 1 ring finger shinny.

  6. Loving Twisted and Asylum! I've never seen such a multi-colored flakie before!

  7. gosh they look so pretty(:
    Cant wait for it to arrive at my doorstep and be in time for Valentine's day Mani:)

  8. These flakies look amazing matte!


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