January 30, 2012

SinfulColors Cinderella

I want to apologize.  There are several things that are wrong with this post, but I need to do it anyway.  First off, you are going to see this polish a LOT in the coming days.  One blogger found it, and word has spread like wildfire.  It is amazing.  

Secondly, my pictures do no justice.  I really wanted to inspire a polish frenzy at Walgreens, but no matter what I do I can't capture the pure amazing that is Cinderella.  You will have to take what I show you and use your imagination to fill in the rest.   I wish I could say that it's just my pictures, but all the others I've seen (even the ones better than mine) are still missing, well, a lot.  

So, what is Cinderella?  Almost perfect.  I actually gasped in the store.  You really can't expect how beautiful it is!  What we have is a Cinderella-dress blue, with a pink-to-gold shift shimmer inside.  Like I said, I tried to catch it, but it does NOT want to show up on camera!  But, have a look.

My first light box pics!  Sorry they are a little awkward, I'll have to get used to holding my hand certain ways.  So, there are three that show the pink shimmer... almost.  Then, the last photo sort of catches the gold.  IRL, it is so much stronger and SO much prettier!  

What do you think?  Swoon worthy?  I'm hoping to get some more of the new SinfulColors soon, but I couldn't bring myself to take attention away from this one quite yet.  

The bad news?  This is available as part of a "Heartbreakers" display... that we probably won't get. The good news?  It's also permanent!  That is the only official information I have about these new shades, but they should be popping up in the main display soon!  

Thanks for reading! 



  1. OMG.. need. Seriously! Besides Cinderella being my absolute favorite Disney Princess, this blue is just too perfect! The hunt begins..

  2. I will be in the hunt for this :)

  3. I must have a good imagination because I seriously want this more every time I see a post on it! It's like SC Glass Pink is infused into it with gold flecks! I'm going to start stalking my Wags now, and they already think I'm the crazy polish lady. LOL.

  4. Gorgeous color. I'm off to Walgreens! haha

  5. Looks absolutely gorgeous! Nice swatches!

  6. Wow this is gorgeous. Love the shimmer :D


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