February 09, 2012

BB Couture Girls on Tape

Hi everyone!  Today I'm starting work, so I don't plan on saying much.  I leave super early, and I hate mornings! HA!  So, I'm going to show you the other half of the new BB Couture collection.  

The "Girls" half of the collection is called Girls on Tape.  Again, these are all named after movies.  Again, I'm not really familiar with the movies.  Again, I will be worthless with comparisons of the names/movie titles.  So don't ask.  lol

Black Widow
Black Widow is what I would like to call The Black Knight's prettier little sister.  That's right.  I said prettier.  You can see in the bottle that it's a dark plum jelly with multicolored glitter in it.  The main colors that stand out, though, are red and gold.  It is super squishy! 

African Queen
African Queen is a very pretty sea foam green.  I have seen shades like this before, but I don't have any.  It has a mint green/silver shimmer running through it that just makes it shine!  

Carrie is a dark blue metallic with purple, pink and blue shimmer.  I am really liking this one!  The micro glitter colors make it a little more unique than just a regular navy metal.  

 I must warn you.  The next three shades are NOT color accurate.  I tried everything!  I did two separate photo shoots in at least 5 separate lighting situations and they all turned out exactly the same.  I've picked the best of the worst, but they are not as pictured.  I'm actually really saddened by this, but I'm hoping I can find accurate swatches to link you to!  I have GOT to figure out what is going on with my camera!

Happy Hooker
Happy Hooker is my favorite!  (this is actually pretty close, but still a little off... bottle color is the accurate color, not nail) It is a happy lilac based pink with multicolor micro glitter.  The dominant colors that stand out to me are gold and light green.  I'm in love! 

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman is actually a medium berry colored jelly.  As in, more blue than this.  Also, a tad darker.  These are horrible pictures.  Not even close!  I'm not even sure how to describe it, which is horrible.  Maybe a dark magenta?  The glitter color in this doesn't really matter since it gets lost in the polish.  The good part about that, though, is that it looks like a jelly sandwich without all the layering!  (Seriously, click the above pics).

Finally we have Gidget.  This is a "dusty" rose type of color.  I might call it a pink taupe, if that makes sense?  I have a link below that shows it closer to accurate.  The glitter sinks in this polish as well, though not as bad as in Pretty Woman.  It still looks glittery.  :)  This is the only one I'm not really liking and it may go in my swaps! 

*Overall beauty has swatches and bottle shots of the collection on their Facebook that you can go check out.  In the bottle shot linked above, Gidget is very accurate, but maybe still a tad lighter.  Pretty Woman is still off, but it's nice to compare.*

The application on these polishes was very nice.  They all went on very smoothly and evenly.  For pictures, I used 4 coats of each (ouch!), but I probably could use three for everyday wear.  I'm also very happy with the colors.  They may not be terribly unique, but they all stand out in some way or another from others like them.  I have no dupes in my collection!  

I would recommend you grab Happy Hooker and Carrie.  They are truly the most unique.  Although, I would probably buy 5 of the 6 again!  

Like the men's collection, you can find these soon on overallbeauty.com and bbnailpolish.com for $9.95 each.

So, what do you think?  Will you be picking any up?  I'm sorry for the bad pictures!  I'll try to get some accurate ones on my cell or something...  Let me know what you think!  Thanks for reading :) 

*Products sent for consideration.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!*



  1. Hmmm...maybe Gidget needs to find it's way into my collection? **hint hint**

    I'm loving Black Widow and Carrie too.

    Hope you had a good day at work. I know what you'll be spening your first check on that's for sure! LOL.

  2. I think Happy Hooker is my favorite.


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