February 08, 2012

Another Pink Wednesday!

Hi everyone!  How goes it this Wednesday?  It's cold here!  I hate it.  BUT I've been in the mood for bright polish, so that's a plus!  

I've been wanting to wear pink a lot lately, so having manis ready for today wasn't hard.  I had plenty to choose from!  Sorry about that, the color will be seen a lot in the follow weeks.  I can't help it!  It's so bright, and makes me feel tons better!  Helps my mood, helps me not feel sick, and tricks me into thinking it's warm! lol 

So today I have a sort of Valentine's skittles mani.  Not necessarily a whole mani, rather ideas of pairings or whatnot.  I actually really like the look of it all together though, and I'm thinking of putting it back on!  

What I used:
Thumb: White with Zoya Izzy, Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare, OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em
Index: Zoya Izzy, OPI I Lily Love You, (heart) Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare
Middle: Zoya Izzy, OPI Spark De Triomphe, OPI I Lily Love You
Ring: White, Kleancolor Twinkly Love (hearts), OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em
Pinkie: Zoya Izzy, OPI Red Shatter

What do you think?  Tell me what your favorite nail is!  I need help deciding what to recreate :)  Thanks for looking! 



  1. I love the white with pink balls
    very beautiful


  2. Very pretty, love the polka dots!

  3. Love this! So bright and festive! :D


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