February 02, 2012

My Latest Addition

Hi everyone!  Today I have a special polish for you.  The fifth addition to my Kaleidoscope collection!  Before I started the blog (and honestly, even for awhile after) I didn't think I needed any of these.  I thought they were way too similar to OMG.  Then I saw one irl.  I was hooked!  I actually really like that they are more "grainy" than the OMG polishes.  I have boughten a few of them, one was given to me, and I swapped for this last one.  I'm hoping I will have them all someday, but I'm not going to go crazy (i.e. spending my life savings) trying to get them like some people.  Anyway, here it is.  My newest holo baby: Kaleidoscope Him Out

What d'ya think?  Gorgeous, right?  LOVE this polish!  Best swap ever.  :) 

So, I'm sure those last two photos show a familiar hold... I'm toying with the thought of using it.  What do you guys think?  Do you need to see the name of the polish, or is it a waste of space?  Let me know!  

Have a great day everyone, thanks for stopping by!  



  1. This is like one of my favorite Kaleidescopes! I <3 it on you!

  2. I used to have this color, but I used it up. It's so pretty!

    The hold is interesting, but I don't really need to see the name of the polish. I'd rather see the polish in the bottle.

  3. very very perfect...
    your nails are pretty.

  4. wow, I love this! I recently bought OPI DS Glamour which is just gorgeous, can't get enough holo! x

  5. This one is beautiful!


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