February 01, 2012

Pink Wednesday Water Marble!

Hello, hello everyone!  Today I am bringing back Pink Wednesday with a Valentine water marble!  This is my first EVER attempt, and I'm very pleased! 

Here's my set up:
I used white, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Fuchsia Flare, no name Goldie "dark" pink, and Cult Nails "Bad" Devious Nature.  
 I kept Cinderella on as a base.  I love that it changes one of the pinks to an almost purple, and you can see the shimmer through it.  Although I'm not sure how well it was picked up in photos!

I never photograph both hands, but I felt it was necessary this time!  Don't they look great?  I was SHOCKED at how good they turned out!  I guess if I would have to give any tips that I haven't seen yet, it would be to minimally marble.  I'm sure that's where some people go wrong.  It's easy to over-do it!  

I have some exciting news as well!  I got a job!  I was starting to worry that I was going to miss out on a lot of the collections coming up.  I know I'll have to budget, but there are some I can't miss (Hunger Games, anyone?)!  However, I'm not getting as many hours as I had hoped, so I'll have to put an end to swaps for now.  I LOVE doing them, but they take so much money.  I've been gathering for one since October, and I'm just now getting it sent out.  I'm so sorry!  I'm hoping I'll be able to get it started back up soon, since there are collections I want from everywhere (Mainly Mari Moon and the Essence collex!).  PLUS the US flat rate shipping prices have went up.  Not good all around.  

Anyway, what do you guys think of my first marble?  Which nail is your favorite??  Let me know!  Thanks for reading! 



  1. beautiful nails
    I like pink with white
    I liked them so much


  2. Water marbling is very fun! Looks good!

  3. Your marble turned out great!! Congrats on the job!! Woot woot! :D

  4. wow great work on the marbling, I have tried it a couple of times without much joy, yours looks lovely.


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