March 19, 2012

Guest Post!

Hi Eveyone!  Apparently, I suck at posting... so I'm going to put up some guest posts this week.  The first will be from Erika at Polish Fixation.  ENJOY! 

Hi everyone!  In case you don't know who I am, my name is Erika and I run the site polish fixation!  Katie, my polish blogging BFF, has invited me to do a guest post here! Yay!

The polish I decided to show you guys is Zoya Katy!  I HAD to do this one since it's the closest Zoya name for Katie! :)

Zoya's website describes Katy as follows: "Deep magenta pink with faint purple undertones and fine bright pink shimmer.  A versatile bright pink that goes with any outfit."

Let me first say that I am not usually a big fan of pinks in general.  Lately I have been branching out and finding more and more shades of pink that are actually really pretty to me!  Katy is definitely in that category!

When I first looked at the bottle it just looked like another boring pink and I was starting to regret choosing it.  Well I needed a quick mani one day and I grabbed Katy on a whim and put her on and it was love at first... brush stroke?  haha.  The formula for Katy is seriously AMAZING!  She is nearly a 1-coater if you're careful.  It's way creamier than it appears through the bottle and the application is so smooth and effortless.  It's definitely one of the best Zoyas I've used (which is hard to narrow down because they are almost all damn near perfect!).

ANYWAYS, in a nutshell:  GO BUY THIS POLISH NOW!  Everyone needs an amazing pink in their collection, make this one it!

Thank you again Katie for inviting me to post here!

If you want to see what elseI have to offer, come visit me over at!



  1. Pretty shade. For some reason Zoya does not have my name - Susan. You would think they would have a Suzanne or Suzette - something close!

  2. Yay for guest posts :) This is a really pretty pink!


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