March 13, 2012

Soulstice Spa Dublin

Hi everyone!  Late post today!  I decided that it was super nice and I wanted to be outside :) 

Awhile back I did a review for Soulstice Nails.  Kayse had seen me mention somewhere that I wished she had sent me Dublin, so she did!  It was a thank you for the review.  How sweet, right!??!  I was so surprised!  

When I got this in the mail, of course I had to try it right away!  Which explains why it is so sloppy.  I was super excited to put it on!  It was just as I dreamed it would be.  Amazing.  

The formula on Dublin is awesome.  Two coats, even, no pooling, easy to control etc.  It went on great and LOOKS amazing!  Such a pretty green!  :) 

After I got bored with it, as I do with solids, I added a coat of FingerPaints Twisted to it.  I actually like it better on it's own!  (Don't hurt me!!)

Now, some fun info for you.  Kayse contacted me Sunday about a contest she will be running towards the end of the week.  I don't have many details, other than it will be on the Soulstice Twitter (follow them here) and that someone will be winning a bottle of this beauty!  When I get more info, I'll let you know!  I'm sure it will be fun! 

Until then, Soulstice Spa is also on Facebook and can be found at  

Tomorrow I have another fun art post!  Okay, not so much fun as fail, but you get the picture.  lol  I'll see you all then!  Thanks for looking! 


  1. I love Soulstice and I love Dublin!

  2. This has the shimmer of CG Glittering Garland, but the color of Orly (I think it is) Under the Mistletoe, or maybe it's more like the color of CG Watermelon Rhine???. Whatever - it's a beaut! And yes, it looked better before you put the Twisted flakie on it - but if you had not put it on, you never would have known right? I could see it with SH Glass Slippers or Diamond - Snow Glob (CG) would be too much like Twisted. Or you could just put a very thin upper edge of Stripe Rite in silver metallic or something that strikes your fancy. It does not need much if anything. I am wondering if my pedi will even show to anyone but me for St. Patty's days...I say days because of course I won't be taking off whatever I do them up in for a good week. Supposed to rain Sat so doubt there will be any green beer for me. Will be fun to hunker down and enjoy a good rain curled up with my Nook!


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