April 11, 2012

BIG Zoya News!

Hi Everyone!  For the few of you that don't yet like Zoya on Facebook (and really, why wouldn't you? lol) I want to let you know of some big news they just announced.

From Facebook:
"Okay so VP just told this little fairy that we could do the following if we make our 100k goal today (today - not tomorrow - today EST)... a code for a BOGO (Buy one, Get one) plus a bonus 100 SHARE THE LOVE (STL) points in any account that uses the BOGO. I'd recommend telling everyone you know about this NOW #justsayinwewillbebusytomorrow"

Isn't that exciting?!?  Also, if you sign up for an account at zoya.com using this link, you will receive a free polish!  I think you have to use it at a different time, but it is SO worth it!  

I really encourage you all to check this out.  It is an amazing deal all the way around!  Thanks, everyone! 


  1. kate will be worth it for my country.?

    1. I don't think they ship out of the US :( But I would say, if you have an address in the US you could use, it would be very worth it! If you were to sign up and get the free polish, and bought two more, then you would get free shipping. So, $16 off an order that would usually cost $32. So that would be something to think about!


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