April 10, 2012

SoFlaJo: Dragon Heart

Hi everyone!  This review has been a long time coming (as the rest have), and I apologize!  I am going to show you a polish one of my Facebook, and fellow bloggers, Jody released in her first collection!  

I'm sure you've all heard of SoFlaJo by now.  The first collection released was in honor of the Chinese New Year called "Year of the Dragon."  All of the magic inspired polishes in the collection are color changing topcoats with micro glitters.  They are all beautiful!  The one she sent me was Dragon Heart.  I put it on top of a plum and a dark green to show what different colored bases show up like.  (You can see it over black on the shop page of her blog). 

Revlon Sugar Plum
Hard Candy Envy

1 Coat of Dragon Heart
With one coat of Dragon Heart, the main thing you can see over these bases is the holo glitter.  I love that added touch! You can also see the main color of the topcoat, the red.  Especially when it is over green.  I had a hard time capturing the color change, but in some of the pictures you can see the gold trying to pop out (That is another you can see on her shop!  The picture there is MUCH better than mine!).

IRL I was really impressed with the color change.  I'm so mad I couldn't get it on camera!  I'll have to try again outside since it's warm enough out now to stand out there and take a million pictures.

If you like Indie Brands, or color changing topcoats - and really, who doesn't? - then I definitely recommend checking these out!  I especially want Three of Pentacles and Enchantment!  They are all beautiful!

She has also released a brand new collection (which I'm hoping to get my hands on soon), called Happy Hour.  All the polishes are inspired by cocktails!  What a cute idea, right?

You can buy SoFlaJo polishes on her website, or at her etsy storefront (which I recommend) priced at $5 for a mini bottle, or $10 for full size.  I hope you all check them out!


  1. Must have SoFlaJo! The indie color change is definitely hard to capture so I feel your pain there. Got some special effects top coats by Polished Components that I have the same issue with :(

    1. I had one from Girly Bits... and I caught that change by complete accident! lol


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