April 05, 2012

Cherimoya Matte.N.A- The Metals!

Hi everyone!  First and foremost, I need to apologize.  I am a ver sporadic poster.  I know a lot of bloggers only post twice a week or so, but I don't want to be that way.  I get behind.  I get so many manis, collections, etc that I don't want to sort through everything and just PICK something already!  That's what happened when I was preparing for, and participating in, the nail challenge.  I haven't updated on that because I ended up not finishing.  But, that's why I was behind.  I didn't know how to catch up!  I'm getting my butt in gear in the next couple of days, though, and I PROMISE that I will be back to a normal schedule in the next week or so!  So, on to today! 

Here is my final installation of the Cherimoya Matte.N.A. polishes.  These are, as I said earlier, the "metals" as I call them.  I won't add much to what I said in the other posts.  These were all one coat as well!  Enjoy! :) 

Classic silver "foil" matte.  Gorgeous.

5 Stars
A bronze-y shimmer matte.  This looks very rich and metallic! 

In the first pic, it looks a lot like 5 Stars.  The second is a little more accurate!  They are very similar irl, though.

So there they all are!  What do you think of the matte trend?  What about "suedes" (aka shimmer mattes)? Let me know your thoughts!  Thanks for reading! 


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