April 20, 2012

China Glaze Prismatics: Review

Hello ladies!  Today I have a post I've been sitting on for awhile.  I'm not really super motivated to write it!  But, I will anyway :)  The polishes are the new Prismatics from China Glaze.  All swatches are one coat, no top coat.

This shot was "ruined" and doesn't show the colors, but I LOVE it! So I'm using it anyway.  :)

Ray-diant is, in the bottle a light green glitter bomb.  As you can see, in the sunlight (where these polishes are actually best viewed), it is almost silver.  The color does pop out a little bit over black, but I'm disappointed that it loses it's pretty green-ness.  *sad face*

Liquid Crystal
Liquid Crystal was one of the ones I was most excited about!  I actually really like this one.  It is a darker blue with a purple duo-chrome.  Unlike Ray-Diant, this one seems to keep both it's color, and it's duo chrome!  Check out the swatch over black!

Full Spectrum
Full Spectrum is a pink glitter.  It doesn't loose it's color either!  I'm not sure how I feel about it by itself, but I like it over the black!

Optical Illusion
This is the light blue of the bunch.  It actually keeps it's color as well.  It's nice, but not my favorite.

Polarizen is a "standard" silver glitter.  None of them are really standard, but it describes the color (not the finish).

Finally is Prism.  This was another I was excited about!  It is supposed to be a lilac-ish color with pink duo chrome.  It lives up to that pretty well!  You can especially see it on the black nail.

Now, the conflict comes in here.  I asked to review these because I really didn't think I would like ANY of them, but knew a lot of you would.  I just have problems with that damn multi-colored glitter!  What the hell are companies thinking?  I felt the exact same way about the OPI Muppets Collection.  Excuse Moi was great, but would have been tons better without that multi colored crap ruining it.
That being said...... The polishes in this collection that I really don't like are ones that I wouldn't have liked regardless.  So, I guess I got over it!  lol  Mostly *sly look*

The texture on these is super gritty (it IS a flu coverage glitter after all!), but can be smoothed out.  The biggest downside for me is (besides the multi glitter) the fact that some of these don't look like the promo pictures AT ALL.  I was a lot more excited before swatches started coming out!  The ones that live up to the promo pictures, however, are Prism and Liquid Crystal.  Those are BY FAR my favorites!  If I could have done it over again, I wouldn't have bought Prism or Ray-diant.  Yes, bought.  I was only sent a couple and felt I needed the rest after seeing what these look like layered (which is another upside.  AWESOME for layering!).  Overall though, this collection was pretty hit and miss.  One that you have to try for yourself!

How many of you have these?  Agree or disagree with the multi glitter?  Let me know your thoughts below!  Thanks for reading :)

*Some products provided for review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!*

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