April 17, 2012

How Do You Like Your Leftovers?

Hello hello!  Today I have a leftover mani from back in February when my internet wasn't working.  SO glad it's back on!  This is a simple polka dot mani that I did with various pinks and white.  Don't ask me the names, I don't remember!  (sorry!)  However, pretty much all colors work for polka dots!

Is it just me, or do my fingers look really ashen in these pics?  They didn't in some of the bad ones.  Nothing I'm worried about, it's just strange!  

So, what do you guys think of polka dots?  Have you seen them a ton lately like I have??  Thanks for reading!  



  1. That is so pretty. I like the red, pink and white together.

    I am seeing a lot of dots and doing some, too. I am nail art challenged and dots is one I can do, so when I want to jazz up my nails, I often fall back on them. :D

  2. ohh i love it!! will surely try this one *.*


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