April 09, 2012

Electropop: Part 2

Hi ladies!  I am back for part two!  I'll jump right into it, this is my favorite half!  

Aquadelic is a gorgeous pale teal cream.  I've heard it compared to a robin's egg (too green) or For Audrey (too green, too bright) but this color is completely unique to my collection!  Again, the formula was incredible, especially for a "pastel!"  These photos were taken inside since the sun washed out the green.  

Dance Baby
Dance Baby is a blue based bubblegum pink.  This is right up my alley!  I fell in love with it before I even bought it.  *giggles* It is a tad less bright than it shows up in this picture.  The bottle  in the first picture is most accurate.  Two smooth coats! 
Sweet Hook
SH is a beautiful pale lavender.  This has the same great formula as the rest!  I used to coats to make it look like this.  So pretty. 
Fuchsia Fanatic
This photo is WAY off!  FF is a true fuchsia cream.  The brightness is accurate, but the color is way off!  In the group shot above, the bottle shows accurate.  It is the last polish on the left side.  
Wicked Style
WS is a bright coral cream.  This is totally accurate!  It went on smoothly in two coats. 

Finally, we have Techno.  Think Servin' Up Sparkle from OPI.  I'm actually getting rid of my OPI in favor of this version.  It has silver glitter, with hex holo pieces in it.  This is one coat. 

My sentiments on this half of the collection pretty much mirror what I said this morning.  The formula is amazing (MUCH better than last years Up and Away), and every color is gorgeous.  I love every single color in this half!  Overall, the collection is a HUGE win for me.  I only had problems with application on two of the twelve, and one of those can be fixed pretty easily.  As far as colors, I'm thrilled with 10 of the 12, as well as Techno!  If you are a collection hoarder, I highly recommend this one!  

*SOME of the products in this post were provided for review.  The rest were bought by me.  All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own*

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