April 07, 2012


Hi guys!  I haven't been doing AS MANY swaps since I've been in kind of a financial pinch, but I did get  one in February, one in March and one just the other day!  I jump around, but you'll get the idea :) 

First up is from my friend Mary!  Yes, the same Mary that did the guest post.  We are in a couple of fb groups together, and one wanted to do an "Easter" swap.  Of course I signed up!  She sent me some amazing things!  Isn't that Kitty just SO CUTE?  I love everything, Mary! 

 I don't know why this picture is so weird.  I can't get it fixed!  So I'll just type to the side.  Just this once.  I hate it!  lol  This next swap was actually the one I got in February, so technically the first swap.  Sorry for the confusion! lol  I swapped with one half of the amazing Inky Polisholicious.  These girls are based in Singapore.  I love just about anything she can get her hands on!  She posted my half of the swap on Valentine's Day, and I was supposed to.... but as you know, my internet was down.  :(  So here it is now!
Isn't this Sasatinnie set so cute?  I love all the colors too! 

I got TONS of glitter with this swap!  I kind of like that it was "themed" lol

These are just hard candies.  I'm amazed at the detail in them, though! The flavors are pretty awesome too.  I wish it said what they were! 

The treats.  The first pic is for those of you who have never seen Hello Panda (nom nom!).  The second picture is an Apollo.  It is chocolate on the bottom, and strawberry flavored on top. Yum! 

 The last swap I got last month.  I felt SUPER bad about this one!  She sent my package a LONG time before I got hers out.  I kept getting delayed :(  Luckily, it did finally get there to her!  I'm hoping I can do another with her soon because.... She is in Brazil!  I am talking about, of course, Estilo de Unha!  This girl sent me some truly amazing things! I am IN LOVE with the Mari Moon and hope to get the rest soon!

Pri and Mary, I just want you to know that I put up so many more pics of the Singapore swap because I forgot to get a group shot.  Your group shots show everything pretty well!  I love your packages too!  :) 

What do you think?  I'm going to be honest.  I am SO glad I got into blogging because of these ladies.  And others, of course, that I have met along the way.  The FB groups are awesome support, and swaps are incredibly fun!  I never would have gotten to do any of that if I hadn't started blogging!  I love you guys! 

Thanks for reading! 



  1. Oh wow, what awesome packages! :) *grabby hands*

  2. wow, some great swaps, love the hello kitty anf glitter polishes x

    1. The stuffed Kitty made everyone gasp with the cuteness! lol

  3. Glad that those candies reached you safely in one piece! Love the way you took photos of them;D

  4. I don't mind that you only got one picture of what I sent you because my picture is FIRST! Haha!

    So glad you loved it. It was so much fun shopping for you especially since you didn't know who had your name!

    1. BAHAHAHA! Of course :) lol

      I did love it! I'm glad it was you that had my name! <3

  5. glad you liked everything
    not mind having a photo only
    what matters and that you liked it
    I want more swap

    1. ME TOO! Hopefully we can in June. I'll be in NYC and I'll be able to get pretty much anything you could want! (Current collections, anyway)


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