April 06, 2012

Dare To Wear: Pearl Colors

Hi everyone!  A while back, Le Chat offered to send me a few more colors to review.  Of course I said yes!  I luh luh LOVE the Dare to Wear line!  Let's check out what I was sent! 

On The Wild Side
This is a pearl/frost blue with an amazing mint green shift to it.  It is gorgeous!  It is a little brush stroke-y, as most with this finish are, but it's uniqueness makes up for it.  It is three coats here, but I'm betting it would look AMAZING over a blue, black or white! 

This is a pearl/frost pink.  There is a blue shift that keeps it from being a boring sheer pink!  Again, this is three coats.  I'm thinking this would be gorgeous over several underwear colors as well.  However, as much as I love the color, I hate it with my skin!  This went to my cousin, who is giving it a good home. :) 

Pisco Sour
PS is a sheer white frost with a pink shimmer running through it.  Same thoughts as the others.  I didn't like this one on either.  Still, very pretty.

Flirty Lace
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!  Do you see how awesome this shade is?  IRL it is a TAD more peach instead of orange, but it still looks like fire on the nail.  Out of the four, this has the strongest duo chrome, the least brush strokes and the most opaque coloring.  This was only two coats as opposed to the other's three!  I love it! 

Overall, I was surprised by these.  I usually have zero desire to wear pearls or what not.  The two I kept will definitely be put to good use!  Actually, I should have used Flirty Lace in my Hunger Games mani!  (which you will never see.  Sorry.  lol)  Oh well.  

Dare to Wear can be found in various supply stores (none around me, of course), and online retailers.  Vistit their website for more information!

Would you guys wear any of these?  What do you want to see me post tomorrow?  Thanks for reading! 



  1. I just ordered some of these polishes on E-bay. I hope they are good. The price is right $6.50 with free shipping.

    1. I hope so too! I love pretty much all of them that I have, so you should be fine! :)

  2. These are pretty - not the 'old' pearl formula I grew up with in the 60's and 70's that is really ICK! I would wear any of 'em!

    1. I know my cousin loved the two that I gave to her! I just don't like such subtle colors


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