July 09, 2012

Lush Skittle Swatches!

PS Don't forget my blog sale!  I still have tons of gorgeous girls who need a good home! 

Happy Monday!  I only work one day this week so, yay!  :)  I have a concert coming up and I'll be showing you the nails I'm wearing there tomorrow.  Today, I have the contents of Friday's nail mail to show you!

My friend Cheeying in Singapore has a very strong love of Indie glitter polishes.  Unfortunately, most of them don't ship there, or if they do it is too expensive, so she sends them to me instead.  In this order, she threw some in for me!  YAY!

She asked me to swatch one of them, and gave me permission to try her others, so I gladly did so.  Here are some pictures of the first Lush Lacquers I have!

Here on the left hand I have four coats of Party Rockin' on my thumb and one coat of Pink Panther, Summer Lovin and Mr Bubble over one coat of ChG Dance Baby, and Party Hearty on my pinky.  The bottom picture is two coats of Pink Panther and Mr Bubble.

Left hand pinky to index finger:  Two coats of Birthday Cake, Three coats Summer Lovin' by itself, two coats Salt n Pepper over Dance Baby and two coats SnP alone.

I love these all so much!  I didn't get SnP for me because I'm not really into the black and white glitter trend, but do you see the micro glitter in there?  So pretty!  Thanks so much, Cheeying!  I'll get these out to you soon! :) 

What do you all think?  Are there any other Lush Lacquers that I need?  Thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice! So which ones do you get to keep?

    1. Mine are Summer Lovin, Mr Bubble, Pink Panther and Birthday Cake


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