July 04, 2012

MORE Added!

Howdy!  Just wanted to remind you all that I added a TON of polishes to my sale!  Here are a few of the new ones:

This is only a few of what was added.. So go check it out!  Thanks everyone, see you in the morning!



  1. There are no links to anything inside your blog pages on this new (lovely) layout/wallpaper. Where to go to look at what's in your blog sale with all the shipping details - contact for you - etc.?????

    1. Whoops! I thought I put a link in this post! My "pages" links are actually on the left hand side right above my followers. BUT you can find the sale here: http://thenailaholic.blogspot.com/p/blog-sale_02.html

  2. Found the links Kate - over on the right side bar


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