July 16, 2012

Neon Orange Ombre

Hello hello!  I really am going to get back on track... I promise!  I went on a spontaneous mini vacation last week and didn't get anything done... then I worked all weekend and don't paint my nails because they get destroyed quickly.  It's a total bummer :/  What I've found for you today, though, is a neon ombre I did way back this winter!  It has been waiting for hot summer days!  

I did this ombre they way I do the others, but instead of using white and black I used white and red.  If I had used black, the color would have turned muddy and gross.  Red, on the other hand, minimally changed the color base while added deepness.  I also could have kept the orange as my darkest color and just added yellow and gotten the same effect.  

SinfulColors white, China Glaze Celtic Sun, Butter London Pillar Box Red

I really like how these turned out!  So bright and sunny!  Besides a reminder about my BLOG SALE (which still has TONS of stuff btw), that's all I've got today!  What do you all think??  Thanks for reading! 

1 comment:

  1. oooooo!! that's an awesome summer color!!!


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