July 20, 2012

CND Raspberry Shimmer

Hi everyone!  I have another OLD review to show you today.  I took these photos way back in April.... WHOOPS!  If that tells you anything about how my life has been lately......  I have a lot of personal stuff going on that I can't talk about yet, and that I might not.  If I decide to, it won't be for awhile!  Since this has all started, though, I have been very pre-occupied and my nails have just taken a back seat.  I love interacting with everyone, so if I don't write for a couple of days PLEASE feel free to contact me!  I would love to hear from you! :) 

Anyway, today I am showing you what CND Raspberry Shimmer looks like over Wet n Wild **** (i can't remember... it's from the On The Prowl collection... anyone??)  For some reason I didn't get it over black, but you can still see the difference that it makes with this shade.  

Wet n Wild shade alone

Wet n Wild with CND Raspberry Shimmer

As you can see, Raspberry shimmer adds a very subtle pink shimmer to anything it is layered over.  I ultimately ended up getting rid of this one because 1)So many polishes have their own pink shimmer these days I don't know when I'd use it and 2) Pure Ice makes these exact shimmers, cheaper.  Plus, I already had that dupe of this.  

For those who are wondering, I don't recommend that you get something else.  I think there are cheaper alternatives, but for girls who will use this a lot, for different things, and require longevity of their manis, I would totally get the CND versions.  I just don't have that kind of need for them!  

What do you guys think of these?  Do you collect them, or do you get the dupe versions?  Let me know! Thanks for reading :) 


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  1. CND Raspberry Shimmer does add a nice touch! Very pretty! I don't own any CND polishes, just a cuticle softener.


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