January 31, 2014

It's Hotter Than A Fantasy

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Hey all!  Today I have my first ever Pipe Dream Polish!  I got this for a birthday present and I LOVE it!  

Hotter Than A Fantasy is a purple base with different sizes of blue, red, pink and hot pink matte glitters in it.  It's so gorgeous! 

My pictures are different than the ones on Etsy.  Not only is the base color a little different (it's purple.  purple sucks.  lol), but it is SO MUCH SHINIER.  I don't know what top coat was used, but it's incredible.  Or maybe it's just me and I needed another coat?  I'd love to hear what all your favorite topcoats are!  

You can get this, like I said, on Etsy or on pipedreampolish.com.  Thanks for reading! :) 



  1. This is an interesting color combination. It's too bad you don't like purple, I think it's a really nice shade of it!
    My absolute favorite top coat is KBShimmer Clearly On Top :)

    1. I guess I should have said I don't like taking pictures of purple lol

      Do you use a coat of gelous on glitters, or two of Clearly on Top, or something else? Your nails always look incredible!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Silvia! I was so happy I got it :)


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