January 30, 2014

La Bella Vernice is Dream(ing) Out Loud

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Hi ladies!  Today I have another LBV polish to show you!  This is one of my personal contributions to the line (you'll see plenty more, I can assure you! LOL).  It has been in my dreams for ages, and I kept hoping that an indie brand would somehow pull the vision out of my head and create it.  That never happened.  So, when Roni decided to start an indie brand, this polish was a MUST for me to create!

The name of this beauty is Dream Out Loud.  For several reasons.  First of all, because this is literally a dream polish for me.  I used to see it, smell it, taste it and I couldn't wait until it existed!  Second, Dream Out Loud is a personal mantra of mine.  Some dreams are unattainable, but that shouldn't stop you from trying to reach them.  No matter what they are.  Helping Roni with this brand, being able to create alongside her, fulfills many dreams of mine.  Dream Out Loud represents all of the dreams that people haven't been able to speak.  Speak them out loud and they are more likely to happen!

Okay, finally on to the polish!  There is a lot of amazing going on here, and it is very hard to capture. Because of that, there are several pictures of varying lighting and quality to make sure I got it all!  In the pink base, there are hot pink holo hexes, a blue and green duo chrome shimmer, and a very slight holo.  Check it out!

 The bottle shots show everything the best!
Here you can really see the hexes and the green shimmer.
 This blurry bottle shot shows the green shifting to blue.

The holo is super hard to capture, it's barely there anyway.  It's in there to add extra sparkle.  :)  I plan on revisiting this polish in the spring when I can get it in the sun!

This, like the other LBVs I'll be showing you are available for $10 for large bottles and $4.50 for minis.  Find them at bellavernice.com
Thanks for looking!



  1. We are suckers for glitter polishes, so we love this! We've actually never heard of this brand, so we'll have to check them out

    1. Please do! We are actually working on St. Patrick's day and a glitter topper collection now, but there are tons of amazing shades!

  2. What cute looks this nail polish :)


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